The Ultimate Blog Planning Workshop

Are you in need of a step-by-step program that will teach you how to turn your startup ideas into a successful blog?

As promised in yesterday’s post, today I’m going to share details of about another writing project that I had the pleasure of being a part of:  an exclusive interview for a Blog Planning Workshop.

Hector Cuevas has developed a comprehensive workshop in which he shares the 4 main components that helped him build a successful business through his blog.

This Blog Planning Workshop will provide detailed training in:

  1. Awesome Content Creation
  2. Traffic & Lead Generation
  3. Building an Authority Brand/Social Media
  4. Building a Business/Getting Paid

When you become a member of this training program, you’ll learn valuable strategies and techniques that will help you build a stronger blog in less time.  With this training you get to skip the trial and error period most new bloggers experience as they struggle to find a niche that they can succeed in.

I’ve been watching Hector’s blog grow at a rapid pace.  I’ve downloaded some of his podcasts – they are truly engaging and are jam-packed with insightful strategies for building a blog that people will be drawn to.  I’ve also learned quite a deal about podcasting from Hector, he really knows his stuff.

He stands out from the crowd because he is an innovator – he is not afraid to try new things.  He is the mastermind/organizer of the BlogStars Series – Rather than host the “Building Trust and Credibility” series on one blog, he believed it should be spread across 4 different blogs.  That series was so successful because of the interlinking of these blogs and the combined promotional efforts of all the bloggers involved.

It’s ideas like this that sets him apart and demonstrates the higher level of creativity & intellect that Hector truly possesses.  This is the kind of knowledge you’d be tapping into if you join this Blog Planning Workshop.

In addition to receiving full access to this engaging and interactive course, you’ll also get to check out exclusive interviews with Gail Gardner of, Mavis Nong of, David Leonhardt of and don’t forget to check out the interview with yours truly, Kiesha Easley!

In these interviews, we reveal what we each did to get our blogs where they are today and will share a few tips that you can use to build your own blog.

So if you’re ready to stop with all the guess work, here’s your chance to get some training that will set you up for success.

What blogging skills are still working to develop?  What’s holding you back from building a successful blog?


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About Linda Hewett

Linda is a writer, blogger and confidence coach.
Her blog is Positive Spin – Helping You Face Life Full On without Fear – And Feel Great About It!

In her blog, Linda looks for the ‘positive spin’ in our daily lives and encourages you to look for the ‘small stuff’ that’s easy to miss, or even dismiss.She believes that confidence comes in many disguises. All you have to do is…look.
You can follow her on Twitter @LindaMHewett


  1. Roberto says:

    Kiesha, you are “En Fuego”!

    This sounds great! I have been listening to Hector for a while and I agree that the content is great. I will definitively check this out.

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Muchas Gracias! :)
      Hector’s got a great program here that is definitely worth checking out. Thanks for dropping by!

      • Roberto says:

        Great Spanish, LOL.

        • Kiesha Easley says:

          Lol! Yeah four college semesters and that’s the best I can do. I can read probably first grade level Espanol, but as far as listening and speaking go – nada! I know, pitiful! :)

  2. The tips are superb and sound great and Hector’s blog shows that they work and that’s what we really need. Thanks for sharing the information.

  3. Kiesha, thanks so much for all the kind words. I gotta admit, those blog series we did were pretty damn cool. lol

    …and for your readers.. If you just implement some of the tips Keisha shares in her interview, the results themselves will be worth the investment. (I’m just saying)

    Thanks again for being awesome.. :)

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Hector!
      Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed those series – we definitely have to do something like that again!

  4. HI Kiesha,

    You have done a great job by posting this article. Many of newbies requires information about blogging and this blog planning workshop would really help them to improve their blogging skills.

    I really appreciate yours and Hectors work.


    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi John,
      I’m glad you see it that way – but I can’t take any credit for the hard work that Hector has put into this program.

  5.  James K. Trent says:

    Hi Kiesha…Thanks for sharing this workshop to us…I hope I can attend it…

  6. Super cool workshop. I love blogging and so that I love weblogbetter because here i find new things about blogging on daily basis.

  7. So this workshop seems to right up my alley, my blog is a big part of my traffic draw and I definitely need them to convert into leads. The problem here is that I don’t see how to sign up. I clicked on both of the ads and they are apparently not links to anything. i will watch for your response as to how to get more info about the workshop.

  8. This workshop sounds interesting, I might even consider having look at it.

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi James,
      It’s definitely worth taking a look at. It’s probably the most affordable training program of its kind, but is jam-packed with value.

  9. A really good one for start ups like me. Thanks for this workshop. I might dive in.

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Ron!

      If you choose to take it for a spin, please keep me posted on how it works out for you!

  10. Fran the Online Writer says:

    Hi Keisha:

    Your blog is looking good and moving up. Hector C seems to be a fantastic entrepreneur. I can see from the post comments how everyone likes what he preaches. Planning a business has to be done very carefully and with an expert planner it becomes a breeze. Thanks for the info.

    Enjoy the awesome warm week end

    Fran A

    • Fran the Online Writer says:

      Sorry, though you have the comment editor here, I still did not check and the spelling of your name came out wrong.

      Bad behavior on my part.

      • Kiesha Easley says:

        No worries, Fran – I’m used to people misspelling my name – hey, even I do it sometimes when I’m typing too fast! :)

        Anyway -
        Hector is a fantastic blogger and he has so much to offer, everyone could learn a great deal from him.

  11. I’m still working to attracting readers on my blogs. I have some traffic but i don’t have so much readers. I try several methods and no results so far.

  12. Which site provide free hosting for wordpress blog?

  13. Jillian Sexton says:

    I have some traffic but i don’t have so much readers. Hector is a fantastic blogger and he has so much to offer, everyone could learn a great deal from him. The problem here is that I don’t see how to sign up.

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Jillian!
      Yes, Hector definitely has an amazing wealth of knowledge to offer! Do you see the image above that says “Get Access Now”? Click that and it will take you to a page that will give you more information. Let me know if you have questions.


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