And the Winners Are…

I wish I could give prizes to all of the contestants who brought their best to this contest.   All of these great bloggers pulled out all the stops and went wild promoting this contest and their posts all over the blogosphere.  For that I’m so grateful.

Anyway, I know you’re only here for one thing and I’m ready to giveaway some money and some great prizes.  I’d love to hear about how you predicted this contest would go in the comments section.

For now, let’s see who won:

The winners to WeBlogBetter’s Guest Posting Contest of 2011!

The special $25 for Best Affiliate Marketing post:

Jyotisman – Stop!… Everything Started to Change When…

5th Place Prize – $100 Winner:

Brian – Sometimes it’s Right in Front of You –   4051  Points

4th Place Prize – $125 Winner:

Jeevan – Successful  Blog Checklist -  4267  Points

3rd Place Prize – $225 (+1 Special Prize) Winner:

Holly – Search Engine Optimization? SEO What? -  7004    Points

2nd Place Prize – $350 (+1 Special Prize) Winner:

Melanie – 5 Tantalizing Ways to Expose Yourself on Social Media -  9169   Points

1st Place Prize – $450 (+1 Special Prize) Winner:

Hajra – 15 Reasons I’m Breaking Up (with your blog!) -  11,214 Points

There you have it!  Please help me congratulate these winners!

Winners, please send me your Paypal email addresses so that we can begin distributing your prizes.

So did this contest turnout like you thought it would?  Who were you rooting for?  What were your favorites?

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Linda is a writer, blogger and confidence coach.
Her blog is Positive Spin – Helping You Face Life Full On without Fear – And Feel Great About It!

In her blog, Linda looks for the ‘positive spin’ in our daily lives and encourages you to look for the ‘small stuff’ that’s easy to miss, or even dismiss.She believes that confidence comes in many disguises. All you have to do is…look.
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  1. Hey Kiesha!

    Yippeee!! Thanks so so much! This contest was such a great experience! Congrats to others too! I can’t stop smiling!

  2. Hajra you rock!

  3. Congrats to the winners and I am glad Hajra won, not only her post was such a great one but she showed herself as a great networker.

  4. Congratulation to all the Winners! I was thinking to join this contest but I was super busy!!
    well done Hajra I’m reading your article now! and it is just awesome!

  5. Chris Jones says:

    Oh No!! I lost. Any way congrats for the winners.
    Keisha, can you tell me how much points I got????

  6. Congrats to all the winners. You did your best. I hope that this contest was fun and at the same time learning a lot of stuff + gaining new connections.

    Hajra, a very special congratulations to you. You deserved it.

    It’s party time everyone :) Say cheers :)


  7. OMG! Thought I would win something here.

    But seriously this has been a very good learning experience. Congrats to everyone that won something.

    And Hajra… You really deserved it. Please keep it up.

  8. Congratulations to all of the winners, especially Hajra. Well deserved!

  9. Holly Jahangiri says:


    I just now got online for the first time today – had a family emergency, needed to fly to Louisiana this weekend. Hard to connect from ICU…

    This is great news! Thank you to Kiesha and all you fantastic sponsors! Nice to get a bit of cheerful news today. New camera, here we come!


    • Hey Holly,

      Congrats!! You can get the camera now! Yippeee for you! Thanks to you and Melanie for being the toughest yet sporty competitors!

      Big e-hug! ;)

      • WAY TO GO, Hajra!!

        I’m so proud of you and proud to know you.

        Congratulations on your first place win!! :)


      • Holly Jahangiri says:

        I had a blast, Hajra! We should look for more contests – do this again, sometime. I know we had some folks completely baffled when we started giving away points to each other, but it made me laugh and I was so happy to make new friends! I think FRIENDLY competition is the key to success!

    • We did it, Holly!

      The Three Musketeers made it to the top!! :)

      Congrats, hugs, and love!

      P.S. I’m so sorry to hear about your family emergency. You’re in my prayers.

      • Holly Jahangiri says:

        Thanks, Melanie & Hajra! Love being a part of the Three Musketeers! I think this turned out just PERFECTLY. I accomplished all my goals – win enough to buy a new camera, get the special prize I got (how did THAT work out???), make fantastic new friends, have a blast – it doesn’t get any better than that!!

        I owe a HUGE thank you, too, not only to all the wonderful folks who regularly comment on blogs, but to the friends whose arms I managed to twist into doing it just for me – or into signing up on sites like Blog Engage, Blog Interact, and Blokube when they don’t even HAVE blogs. Getting non-blogging readers’ perspectives in the discussion is priceless, to me, because those of us who blog will never be completely objective readers.

        I’m home now, but I’m exhausted and may never catch up on email, facebook, blog posts, comments, and the like – I just want to thank everyone who wrote to express their concern for my family and me, it meant the world to me.

        • Nice to know you’re back home, Holly, and don’t stress over trying to catch up. Do what you can reasonably get done and let the rest go. Given the circumstances, I’m sure people will understand.

          Wow! You got “non-bloggers” to support you through this contest?! That deserves an award. :)

          Take good care of yourself and come back to the blogosphere after some much-needed rest.

    • Congratulations Holly!

      Sorry to hear about the emergency. Hope things get better so you can take more pictures on your camera

  10. WOW – A time for celebration!

    Thank You to Kiesha and all the generous sponsors of the WBB guest posting contest!

    This was a tough competition and an absolutely exhilarating event and I’m thrilled to have taken second place.

    Congratulations to everyone who had the courage to participate! You shine big time!


    • Congrats Melanie! You deserve a WIN. Loved your post and enjoyed the wonderful interaction it inspired. Now, how are we spending our share? :)

      • Thank you, Vernessa!!

        I wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for fellow bloggers like you who graciously supported me throughout this contest.

        How am I spending my share? Not sure yet. But my rent is due July 1st. :)


  11. It’s great to know and follow two of the winners.
    Congratulations, Hajra, on a great piece. It was revealing, entertaining, and informative. No wonder you won.
    Holly, didn’t know you were also a contestant but I have seen enough of your writing to know that you’re an excellent writer and blogger. So well-deserved congratulations to you as well and to both for entering.

  12. Congratulations to all the winners. It is wonderful to be in the TLC Club with Hajra and Melanie.

    I have learned a great deal about blogging from these ladies. Thank you for the inspiration!

  13. Congratulations to all of the winners! A job well done all around!

  14. Hi Kiesha,

    You did a great job with the contest. It’s nice to see the points awarded alongside each name (transparency at its best!).

    Congrats to all the winners and thank you to the sponsors. I enjoyed many of the posts.

    Who was I rooting for? TaDa! Melanie!! Congrats, girl, you deserve it!

    • You’re a doll, Vernessa!

      I can’t help but think all the positive vibes you were sending my way made a big impact on the results!

      Now I want to see YOU as a participant next time around. :)


  15. I want to send a big thank you out to we blog better for hosting such an excellent contest! Congratulations to all the winners! I am extremely pleased to see my article made it into the top 5 spots. Lets’ face the facts! if it wasn’t for the blog engage community I wouldn’t even be in the top 10! I also got a nice push from Dev @blokube so a big thanks to his community! Also I want to send a bit thank you to Bryan over at @bloginteract!

    Thanks blog engage and thanks to everyone who posted on my articles!

  16. Congrats to Hajra, Melanie, Holly, Brian and Jyotisman for their effort and win!

    I also thank everyone who has supported me to win the 4th Prize! Thank you guys!

    And to Hajra, Melanie, Holly, Brian and Jyotisman,

    You guys deserve it! You all wrote awesome content that will help any blogger!

    Thank you for organizing the contest, Kiesha!

  17. Roberto says:

    Congratulations to all participants! This is a great showing of support and participation from the WBB community. I look forward to the next contest.

    Kiesha, thanks for hosting the contest.

  18. Congratulation to all the winners!!I hope I have joined it because of the cool prizes…Anyway, thanks for posting and keeping us updated…

  19. Congrats to all

  20. Congratulations to all winners .

  21. Its good to see that you are holding competitions on your blog Kiesha! Im abit of a new visitor to your site, and would love to get involved next time :)

  22. Fantastic contest Kiesha!! Congratulation to the winners! I enjoyed every one of your posts and I think we are all a little richer after being involved with this contest. Now you can add this to your list of ways to Make Money Blogging! Hi-Five friends!

  23. Hey Keisha:

    I did not remembe the date, and so I didn’t know that winners are already announced. Well it is not too late. I want to congratulate the winners. Congrats to all winners, Hajra, Melani, Holly, Brian,and Jyotisman and a big thank you to Keisha who took the time and organized it all.

    Fran A

  24. Hi, Kiesha!
    First of all, my congratulations to all the winners. Secondly, I have read all the posts that took part in the competition and should say – they deserve to be winners. Thirdly, hope to be winner next time!

  25. Congrats to all the winners …. :-)

  26. Congratulations everyone! Now what are you going to do with all that money?? (“I’m going to Disneyland!”) Great job. :)

  27. Great contest, Kiesha! And a big CONGRATULATIONS to all winners, especially Hajra and Melanie. I loved their pieces. :)

  28. Congratulations to all the winners! I especially like the piece of Melanie! Thank you Kiesha for the great contest!

  29. What a wonderful contest, congrats to everyone. Especially to my friends Melanie and Hajra – great job!!

  30. congrats to all the winners. i got this contest late otherwise i also participate. anyhow thanks to winner and great thanks to Melanie

  31. Congratulations to all of the winners nice post

  32. Nice to know about this contest. May I take part in this contest.

  33. Congratulations to the winners and great contest! Please keep more coming.

  34. Renaldo Zukowsky says:

    Congratulations to the following winners of this contest, you deserve it all guys. Keep going on blogging, I’m little unfortunate because I’m too late about this contest but then in the second time around I will probably join. See you around soon!

  35. Barbara Marsh says:

    Congrats to everyone that won something. Thanks blog engage and thanks to everyone who posted on my articles! congrats to all the winners. I hope that this contest was fun and at the same time learning a lot of stuff + gaining new connections.

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