Are you sure your blog is secure? 6 tips to protect your blog

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Are you sure your blog is protected? I don’t want a “Yes”, because you can’t answer “Yes” with 100% contentment. Do you know your site is observed eagerly by someone?

No not your visitors, but tons of worms, viruses, spyware, spams, and hackers who are finding a way to put down your blog. You need to protect your property from them-that’s your responsibility.

You must be hearing some news about site security breaks every day. Most of them are because of improper caring. Most of us are not alert about these security issues. We post, comment, share that’s all. There are hackers who want to crack your password, there are many worms which may make you shut down the entire blog. All you need is to spare a little time for increasing your blog’s safety.

Here are some tips which may help you to increase the security measures of your blog and keep it secure.

1. Update your blogging platform

Blogging Platforms update often. One of the main reasons why they are updating often is to increase the security measures by correcting Bugs. If you are using a blogging platform like Google’s Blogger or Tumbler they will update their self. But for professional bloggers who use self hosted WordPress  – updating is required. Every time you update your WordPress platform your blog’s security also increases. So first thing you need-Keep Up To Date

2. Make sure your computer doesn’t swallow your blog

“Why blame my computer? My blog is on the web”- you may ask me that. But remember your computer is the regular gate which connects with your blog. There may be thousands of Tracking Trojans and other worms in your computer-which will track everything, including your secret passwords and holes in your blog’s structure. The best thing you can do is – protecting your computer with Antivirus and Antispyware programs. Use some Antivirus software including Internet Security. These are best choices.

Þ     Norton

Þ     Trend Micro

Þ     ESET smart security/Nod32

Þ     Kaspersky

3. Are you sure your password is not”123456”or”princess”?

Passwords play an important role in web security. For a self hosted WordPress -you need to deal with many passwords -for your Blog, Database, FTP and Host. So make sure they are strong. Many studies proved that most of us are using weak passwords like “123456”, “princess” or our Name. Cracking these passwords is just kid’s play for Hackers. Here comes the importance of strong passwords.

Make sure your Passwords

  • Contains 12 characters or more
  • Includes digits and characters like!@#$%&*”:? ‘
  • Contains lowercase and uppercase characters
  • Are different for WordPress Username, Database, Host and FTP

And Change passwords in every 6 months.

It’s almost impossible for Hackers to find a strong password like ‘$%Q&u03%t?#’ (I hate when they Do!)

4. Don’t forget to back up.

Always Backup before making important modifications. Backup your Database, resources and your entire blog.  Most hosting providers have one click back up services. Do this once in a month. Backups are great tools for restoring your site, in case there are threats. (Google’s Blogger has its own ‘export’ tool for back up-use it).

5. Akismet doesn’t do it all(Must have plugins for protection)

I noticed while I was participating in a #blogchat that most people think- comment spams are the only security threats to their blogs. They install Akismet (Or similar plugins), sit back and shout “Who’s going to spam me now?” Spams are only a minor part of the villains. They just contain a link or message that leads to somewhere else-that’s all. But for other worms-they break your blog’s root. Here comes the need of security plugins. You should choose them carefully-make sure they are not rubbish.

These are the best plugins which will keep your blog secure up to a limit -

¤    WordPress Antivirus(look’s for holes in your code; inform bugs)

¤    Exploit Scanner (scans Files and Database; inform you when found any suspicious things.)

¤   WP security Scan (scans your WordPress installation and suggests corrective actions on database security, passwords, File Permissions and WP admin security).

There are many more choose carefully.

6. Beware of Hackers (What if you are hacked?)

As I told you above it’s impossible to secure your site 100%. But you can boost up to 99% if you followed above steps. But still Hackers are tough guys. They may inject codes and cracks and some junks to your blog somehow. Join some protection tools like vaultpress-if you want.

If you are hacked, inform your Webhost first. Ask them for protective measures. Block the Suspicious IP address from Hacker, Change your passwords immediately and set File Permissions. You can read The WordPress FAQ for more technical information. After all stay calm when you are hacked – you can make it.

That’s all.  I am not a tech geek to explain about technical side of security but still you can read it From WordPress Codex. These are the main tips for protecting your site- I tested. If you got more security tips –please share. I’m looking for your responses.  So one last question – Are You Sure Your Blog is Secure?



  1. Hi, Chris:

    Is a blog hacked when weird search queries are found in wp-stats plugin?

    A blog of mine for the past week or so has been getting bad type search queries pop-up in my admin area, under the Wp-Stats wp plugin.

    Any clue as to what this is and how to get rid of it? I will look at the plugins you mention above, but would like to know more.


    • soundspott says:

      Missy i’m not a web security geek or code maker to answer you. But I never heard of a hacking like that before.
      The best things I can tell you :
      Re-install Wp-stats plugin
      Find anonymous IP’s and block them with your webhost

      If problem still exists
      Contact wordpress/Your web host for assistance

      Hope this is helpful

  2. Excellent tips. I know people like to use the same password for everything because it’s easier to remember. It gets tough to use 25+ passwords and keep them all strait. I do some online work that requires logging into ftp or hosting control panels sometimes. I am often amazed at the login password I am told to access it with. I think changing passwords more often than 6 months would be a good idea. The problem is, we get lazy or finally start to remember our long strong password and don’t want to start over trying to remember a new one.

    • Chris Jones says:

      What people think is their password “123321″ or “princess” is only owned by them. Most of us is not aware of password security. A better password should be more than 12 characters. You should use deferent passwords for your ftp, database, and wordpress for better security.

      • I agree with the long 12+ hard to guess passwords. I had a friend that could never remember their password. What they used for years was their password was: password. Can you believe that. Talk about a bad choice. I do find it difficult to remember and keep track of them all, but it’s better than using short easy to guess ones.

  3. I’ve read about this before. There are lots of protections against hacks. Seems a lot of folks don’t know about it though. Thanks for putting it out there :)

    • Chris Jones says:

      Thanks Jared
      Thanks for the comment. Lot of folks are not aware of their blog’s protection. One of my friend asked me -Why should you protect your blog? it’s your blogging platforms job!! I don’t know what to say to these people.

  4. Physiotherapy Liverpool says:

    Jared is right, many people seem blissfully unaware that you must protect your blog from your computer as you say. Personally i like EEST Nod 32 to protect against trojans.


    • Chris Jones says:

      Nod 32 is a great choice to block Trojans and worms from tracking our data. Most people are still not aware of blog protection. I think they believe WordPress would protect your blog!!

  5. A lot of bloggers don’t make out time to work on their blog security. This is one the reasons bloggers on blogspot prefer to remain on the free hosting. It’s a lot easier to not worry about security.. However we on wordpress need to develop the habit.. Really interesting read..

    • Chris Jones says:

      Thanks for your compliment.
      I was in blogspot too. But wordpress is a lot better than that. You should aware of your blog’s security- You should make it as a habit. A blog is like a house. You should keep it secure by applying required locks. Else robbery will occur.

  6. Nice tips. Security has to be taken seriously when you are blogging on wordpress

    • Chris Jones says:

      You are right Since wordpress is a open source blogging plattform – hack attempts also increases. It’s our responsibility to make sure that we are safe.

  7. Great Post, Chris! Blog security is not always the most interesting topic for bloggers to talk about, but it’s crucially important. Especially as our blogs grow. Unfortunately, most people don’t take it serious enough until they’ve get compromised at least once..

    • Chris Jones says:

      You are right. I wonder what is the problem with most of us. We blog efficiently but, not trying to protect it. What would happen ? wait and see!

  8. Speaking of security, on some sites (namely http://www(.)scrivel(.)com) when leaving a comment one’s IP address is displayed.
    Is leaving a comment on their posts a bad thing because of this?
    When entering a comment, it only asks your name, no email address, and when the comment is posted, there it is – your IP. Please give the lowdown on all the risks that leaving comments on their posts entails. Thanks.

    • Chris Jones says:

      Sorry Edward i’m not sure about that. Showing your IP is not good – i Think. We can seek the help of any securty geek. hey, Any One Help Please!!!

  9. Dennis Edell says:

    #2 poses an interesting question, I wonder if anyone has thought of a totally web-based blog platform…

    • Chris Jones says:

      #2 tells us to make our computer secure. I don’t see this tip in most blogging security articles. But what would happen if password tracking Trojans/Viruses get into your computer and get your passwords?

      • Dennis Edell says:

        It happens, they exist. We can do the best we can do, there is no such thing as 1200% secure.

        • Dennis Edell says:

          I meant 100%.

          • Chris Jones says:

            Yeh 100% is impossible. Look to the hacked sites. There are lot of big names in the list. If the hackers are capable to break them. What about our poor blogs? but it’s our responsibly to keep our blog safe.

  10. And may I add, some plugins may cause exploits or just open few backdoors at your wordpress blog. It happens. So be sure, to check out the plugin you will install and check or search about its features before completely using and installing it.

    • Chris Jones says:

      Thanks RonLeyba
      Thanks for the great tip. I forgot to add that to my post. Plugins do make holes in our blog’s structure. Please make sure your plugins are reliable and secure.Uninstall all unwanted and non rated plugins from your wordpress blog

  11. WOW, I’m missing a lot on that list including the password itself… Now I have to go on all my sites and account to put some symbols in them. At least all that work will make me a little more safe.

    • Chris Jones says:

      Passwords always plays a key role in web security.If your password is “Princess” or “123321″ you are out of the game.Make sure your password is more complicated- that will make you safe.

  12. When hackers can hack sony,FBI s site ,you can not do anything.Just having back up is the best way

    • Chris Jones says:

      I won’t agree with that. Hackers hack Sony, FBI and more but it doesn’t mean you can’t protect your own site. If you are ready to work for it you can secure your site up to 99% with no doubt.

  13. Technology Secret says:

    Hey seriously it will really very helpful for me
    I never take backup of my Website, but from now I will take backup every week
    Really Thanx

    • Chris Jones says:

      Every week back up is not necessary. You should take backup once in a month- That’s enough. But if you are a serious blogger with many traffic you may need to backup every weekend.

  14. Thanks for sharing such great article. I think the tips you shared here. will be really effective for our work. Thanks again.

  15. Most of times our blog is screwed just only because of our own mistakes. Viruses and stuff like these ruins our blog from our own computers. Computer must be installed with some anti-virus program so that blog must not get affected by any virus from our computer.

    • Chris Jones says:

      But John Virus in our computer can’t directly affect our blog. The trackers are the main villains. Virus species like Trojans dig our computer and steal our passwords.Hackers use these to put down our blog. As you said a good Antivirus program is required to prevent this.
      Thanks for the comment

  16. Security is the main issue that should be solved. If your blog is not secure, your all information can be lost at any instant.

  17. Nice tips there.Its always advisable to use a password containing numerals,alphabets and special characters.Moreover one should never use same passwords for different accounts.

    • Chris Jones says:

      You are right Shivam. Passwords are the main key in our hand which no once else should know. But most make it simple as “123″ or “Princess”. You need to know that hackers are not fools.

  18. Thanks for the tips, I’m going to look into wordpress antivirus.

    • Chris Jones says:

      WordPress antivirus is a good tool for security. I’m using it for last 3 months and it helped me a lot. Good luck with it

  19. Time to change my password from ’1234567′ to something more complicated! Of course, I’m joking but the main reason why hackers hack your site is weak passwords. Or poor antivirus system. So I prefer checking my antivirus system regularly and change my passwords from time to time.

    • Chris Jones says:

      You are right “1234567″ is said to be a ‘great’ password for hackers. Don’t know how foolish people are? The main key is in your hand but why make it so simple to make out by buglers?

  20. When hackers can hack very important and secure companies all you can do is back up your blog. But the password it’s very important, you must have a strong password.

    • Chris Jones says:

      Hackers are powerful. But still you need to do everything to protect your blog.Backups and good passwords are great ways but you should consider all I said above too.

  21. Hi Chris,

    Nice post and a lot of good points made. In fact, a lot of the things you mentioned were ones that I’m sure a lot of people (myself included) don’t take too much time to think about, especially if your blog is hosted on a platform like WordPress. It is crucial, however, to follow the advice you mention here, like backing up, making sure your password is optimized, and keeping your blogging platform up-to-date.


    • Chris Jones says:

      Thanks for the comment Petra.
      Blogger’s are not finding time to make sure thier blog is protected.They have enough time to post, promote and tweet but when it comes to security- they are asleep. I don’t know why. Do you like to go out without locking your house?

  22. Great tips. The problem that I have with my blog and all the other accounts I have online from my bills to banking, is that my passwords are the same. I’m really bad at remembering different passwords. Do you have any tips on how to remember all of your different ones?

    • Chris Jones says:

      Sorry I cant make your mind sharp. The best way is write to write it somewhere. I write down my passwords for different services in my personal diary. You can follow this method .

    • You could use an application like the marvelous open source KeePass. Not only is it good for storing passwords (and software license keys), it is even good for creating very strong passwords and will show you the strength of each and every password.

  23. Rajendra says:

    Hacking is the most common security problem. I own some 100 wordpress powered website and at least 3 of my sites are hacked every month. I somehow feel that its easy to hack wordpress website because they’re doing it all the time.

    • Chris Jones says:

      Thanks for your reply. Hacking is a problem for all websites and blogs. The best thing to we can do to prevent hacking is to Backup.
      Thanks again

  24. Chris,

    You’ve listed some great tips, here. Backup buddy is another great tool, I use it for most of my blogs.

    It just take few malware/trojan viruses to get the passwords and all the useful date from any computer :D lol.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  25. Sheila J. Hill says:

    I really need this things because I want to protect my blog. I hope you can post more of this because it is beneficial to people.

    • Chris Jones says:

      Thanks for the comment Sheila.
      It was great to know my tips were helpful. In order to keep your blog safe you must make it safe by doing the steps above.

  26. Chris Jones says:

    More security Tips
    Protect Your WP config File
    by adding these lines to .htaccess

    order allow,deny
    deny from all


  27. wonderful and informative article this will help me to secure my blog….

  28. These are some great blog safety tips! I will admit that there are one or two things on this list that I needed to fix, but for the most part I have a pretty safe web existence… At least, I hope I do! ;)


  29. Security is a big issue that all bloggers are facing with. Weak passwords are one of the biggest problem but if you back up your blog even if you are hacked you can resolve it anyway.

  30. Nice tips here for the blog.

  31. Great tips! And a good reminder to keep my computer updated and virus free. I forget that what ends up on line is monitored through my computer. I will have to keep a better eye on that.

  32. Great tips. I also recommend to use a plugin called WordPress Firewall 2, which can be downloaded for free from the website at:

    The plugin investigates web requests and identifies and stops most attacks.

  33. It’s really good post to protect blog. I have a friend who have her website hacked. She was really angry at that time. Fortunately she have a backup of their work. Everyone must follow it in order to protect website or blog.
    Thanks for sharing


  1. says:

    Are you sure your blog is secure? 6 tips to protect your blog…

    Are you sure your blog/site is protected? Tips for protecting your blog from malicious attacks….

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