10 Tips To Boost Gross Profit Margin With Mobile Promotions

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Global Mobile Promotions

The technology advancement in the cell phones industry that has iPhones, Newsmart phones, blackberry models, Google android phones, Samsung phones and Erikson phones etc, have created a fastest growing phenomenon as popular Mobile search.

It was announced in April 2011, that smartphone Market shares are on the rise.  It is expected that the world wide web smartphone market will grow by 49.2 in 2011, as both consumer and enterprise sector replace their feature phones for something a bit more advanced.  Though PC market is also growing because of the sales of tables all kind of e-readers and electronic books
but at a rate that is much less than mobile promotion.

Mobile search is growing four times faster than PC search.  Google has advanced search keyword tool for mobile search, different bots and algorithm for mobile search.  These bots evaluate your mobile search sites web performance as it is delivered to a mobile phone and one of  the web ranking tool used in this ranking is on how well are the pages delivered on a certain type of phone that submitted the search.  So depending on the phone at times there are different responses of the same search on different type of mobile phones.

If you look at the Google Analytics of the mobile search it clearly defines the type of phone used for each query and its results are different based on the evaluation that Google bots perform.

To improve your mobile SEO make sure that your mobile web pages load quickly on any mobile phone.  The mobile phone search bot and algorithm is not as superior as that of the PC yet.

Searching on a mobile is much different than searching on a PC.  It has limitations.  But now since mobile searches are still increasing on a faster rate, from business point of view it has become a requirement to encourage mobile searches.

  • It helps you improve your profits maximization
  • It helps you get most accurate information
  • it will even help you even more when mobile system has advanced to help you overcome limitations

SEO Tips to improve Mobile Search Strategies

1. Pay attention to mobile search websites

Mobile search sites are very similar to PC search sites and therefore as a search provider you do not need to create a separate site with its own hosting and domain name.  Use the same site as your PC search and add extra pages for mobile search.

2.  Smaller screen of the mobile

This  makes it entirely different presentation. Make sure that the pages you create for mobile search of your product and information fit most of the phone screens.  When searchers Scroll page  through the page for information has to be an smooth scroll for better mobile device SEO.  This can be achieved by using advance programming skills or by taking help from a mobile designer specialist.

3.  Smartphones keyboard

Mobile keyboard  is smaller than the size of your finger nails to find comfort in this situation is really hard.

  • So the pages have to be easy to use.
  • Minimize the need of typing and try using the mobile keyboard shortened word lists in your mobile promotions.
  • Search box should be easy to see. Mobile search user should be able to click easily to whatever you need to know about the search topic.

4.  Click to call function

Calling function has to be added to this mobile search page so it is easy to connect for further assistance or a purchase.

5.  Complete transaction method

Make sure it is easy to complete a transaction for a purchase, provide the phone functionality and complete transaction method.

* Clear instructions

* In the right order

* with easy to understand words for everybody are very important for the transaction method.

6.  Create  voice mail

An automatic system of sales, that can take care of the complete transaction immediately if needed by the searchers.

7.  Take care of bandwith issues

Now think of the bandwidth issues because of the size of the phones.  Speed to upload search pages is four times more important for mobile search.  Test your mobile search pages several times with a bandwidth calculator to make sure the speed on different phone networks so you may know exactly how is it going to effect your mobile SEO.  Put yourself in the shoes of  a searcher and see if the upload time is not making the searcher impatient to see the information that he/she is looking for.

8.  Size of the web page for mobile search

Mobile search pages will need some structural changes from the PC.  Page size should not exceed than 20 K. B.  You need to fit your primary document, images and style sheets with in this size for better search.  Pages bigger than this will create an up loading problem that will not help in the page rank of your site. Search and use a size of the page that may fit different phones.

9.  Make sure mobile pages have least references from other pages

One of the ways to control the speed of the page for mobile devices is to be careful about the stuff that you add to the page.  If you are not sure of the page that you created, you can check the size of the page at and upload sites with bandwith calculator.

10.  No pop Ups on your mobile pages

Make sure do not add any pop up to your mobile pages ever. Mobile search is not that advance yet like your PC monitor
Mobile search has its limitations because of the size of the mobile and because of the least attention it is getting by the search engines.
But creating a few extra pages for mobile search to get the attention of 56.9 million people is worth the effort.  Do not ignore it.  They are your customers to be, if you let them be.

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  1. With more and more smartphones on the market, and new technologies developed each day for these kind of phones, it must be a good thing to think about mobile internet market.

    • Hi Cazare:

      You are 100% right. That is what this post is all about. Since mobile marketing is moving ahead of Internet marketing globally, it is becoming important to know about mobile market.

      Thanks for your comment.

      All the best.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I never really thought about how #2 makes a difference until I’m actually trying to view sites that aren’t formatted for mobiles. There are still new phones being made that try and out do the one before. Keeping up with technology is hard!

    • Hi Title loans:

      Thanks for reading my post. You comment is right on the dot. I do understand how it is very hard to keep up with the technology. I feel the same way, but those who are extremely found of technology are not satisfied until they are not excited about some new inventions in this field. So, life keeps going and business and excitement is being created

      All the best

      Fran A

  3. Dennis Edell says:

    I understood very little of this article, but then again I haven’t even owned a cell phone in about 20yrs. lol

    • Hi Dennis:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Well it is nice to know that we still have some people who do not use the cell phone. The reason I wrote my post on this topic was to let people know how search engines are getting more subscribers from mobile searches than online. It is growing on a faster pace than online marketing too. Google has mobile keyword tools set up for mobile searches, and website promotions are created for mobiles. Get your share of the pie.

      Nice meeting you Dennis.

      All the best

      Fran A

      • Dennis Edell says:

        Here’s how I always looked at it Fran, when I’m home I have my landlines, when I’m out, I’m already busy. lol.

        This is good to know though, I’ve been seriously considering an Android lately.

        • Hi Dennis:

          I completely understand you as I am from old schools of thought and my husband exactly have similar ideas about cell phone.

          However, keep in touch now and we both can learn something new from each others blogs.

          Fran A

          • Dennis Edell says:

            Excellent thought Fran, I am now subscribed to yours to see what ya got. ;-)

  4. Hi Fran

    Great that you have entered the competition. Well done.

    You certainly are keeping up with the latest trends. I know heaps of my blogging buddies tweet from their iphones and are so tech savvy.

    If we want to be effective marketers we do need to keep up with all the latest innovations and decide what works best with our business and marketing strategies.

    Thanks for sharing such an informative post Fran. Appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hi Patricia:

      Thanks for enjoying my post here. Yes it is all about getting more and more subscribers, as mobile searches are more in numbers than online. It is a good idea to get our share of subscribers and buyers from there too.

      I have tried to bring this to the attention of my blog network community.

      All the best.

      Fran A

  5. Hi Fran,

    Wow, I’m really behind the times when it comes to mobile optimization. Just one of those things I’ve been holding off to learn.

    But it seems to me that I’d better get me act in order if I want to stay ahead of the curve here with where things are headed in the virtual world with mobile technology.

    Great post! Lots of juicy information. I have my work cut out for me for sure. ;-)

    • Hi Michele:

      Wonderful to see you here. Thanks for the comment.

      Michele lets put it this way you are not behind you are not at the peak of the top, as you strive high all the time. Just start working on your new goal along with the billion things that you do every day and then you will be where you want to be in a week.

      Make it a Super Profitable week for yourself

      Fran A

  6. Hi Fran – I am having a mobile app developed for bizchickblogs. This will prompt people who visit using their smartphones to download the app (they will also have the choice to view the regular version).

    I know that I need to optimize for mobile search and all of that. I just do not know where to start!

    • HI Tia

      What a sweet comment. That is why I spend so much time at Bizchicblog because you are a very motivated person and being there makes me more active and focused.

      Your plans for using mobile promotions are ready.
      Keep up the good intentions of being on top of everything and you will achieve the spot you are looking for soon.

      Thanks for your time.

      Fran A

    • Dennis Edell says:

      Now there’s an interesting idea Tia, will you blog about it?

  7. Hi Fran,

    Wow! Technology is really moving full steam ahead. Thanks for sharing this with us. We need to know this in order to stay on top of the wave.

    When cell phones fist came out, they were just for making phone calls. All I got to say is now, Wow!

    As a Marketer you will be missing out if you don’t jump onto this big wave.

    Terry Conti

    • Good morning Terry:

      You are right about knowing more about mobile technology, as we have to apply it whenever we can.

      You are always doing more and more, I will suggest when you publish your book do not forget to place a promotional page for the mobile. With little reading you can manage it yourself. Even if you out source the page, you will get much more results than the investment you will do for getting the page done.

      It is a Friday today, so

      Enjoy a super profitable weekend on your online and offline business activities.

      Fran A

  8. Very good article and on point about having to cater to mobile phones and browsers, remember that many mobile browsers still don’t have javascript enabled as well, this means that Google Analytics which requires javascript to track a visit won’t even see a user hitting your site if they have a browser with javascript disabled. You won’t know you were getting visited in those cases unless you looked at your raw web server logs.

    I use WordPress Mobile Edition plugin/theme on my site which displays a completely banner free and very easy to read list of articles for users who hit my site via mobile. Sure it means all AdSense ads are gone, but it makes the reading experience as easy as possible.

    Most commenting systems are very tedious on a mobile device, having to tab fields, enter information over and over. I see some sort of “audio commenting” system in the future where you can just speak your comment and the site records it, saves it as a comment for articles.

    • Hi Justin:

      Wow, wonderful comment, You comment is so awesome it has added to my information. I certainly appreciate it and this is great for the readers of this post. I knew that mobile search is not as advanced as of Internet, but I did not know that it is so far behind as you told me in your comment.

      Thanks for your time and effort and I appreciate it very much.

      Make it a Super Profitable week for yourself.

      Fran A

  9. Hi Steam Cabin:

    Thanks for reading the post and writing a comment. I certainly appreciate it very much.

    You are right this is the age of mobile technology.

    Have a Super profitable weekend and sell lots and lots of steam cabins. These have great value.

    Fran A

  10. naveeda says:

    You are absolutely right. This is very important information in today’s market.technology is the way to go. Fran, I am very pleased to see that you are ahead of many who think about technology but do not take any practical step.
    Good work!

  11. Hello Fran,

    Actually you are right, I think I saw a graph somewhere (can’t remember well) but it showed a comparison between mobile internet users and pc internet users. The stats were in favor of the PC users but in that plot it’s predicted that a couple of years in the future (if the trend keeps up) the Mobile users will surpass those of PC.

    So, taking basic steps like adjusting your website to accommodated mobile users, trying to create scripts compatible with mobiles are a first GOOD step towards actually gaining some of those new Mobile internet users.

    • Hi Alex

      If you read some of the Google sites, you will be able to know that mobile searches and sales dominated 2010. And the prediction for 2011 is much high than that. Google now has a keywords site for mobile users and for grabbing more business it is very important to grab the mobile searcher, as these mobile searcher are addicted to Internet buying already.

      You are in business, and therefore if you want to double your profits, this can become an added income source.

      Choice is yours.

      Have a super profitable weekend

      Fran A

  12. Fran,

    I have been taking a course on Mobile Marketing. There is no doubt it will be a big part of our future.

    You have some great tips here…now I just need to learn how to run this smart phone…it is way smarter than me!

    • Hi Sheila:

      Wow I am glad to see you here. Sheila you are motivated to get it all and I like that very much in you.

      Smart phone do have a leaning curve for me. I still have a simple cell phone with emails only.
      My children and their families do drive themselves crazy on technology, I get all the motivation seeing them moving with time.

      Sheila make it a super profitable day for yourself

      Fran A

  13. Shaikh.M.Ijaz-ul-Haque says:

    The more I read these blogs and more I am convinced that you have become an absolute authority on this particular subject.Your articles as ever are well thought out as well as well researched and are written insuch a way that they appeal to both the newbie as well as the expert.
    Yet another excellent piece of work.
    Well done.

    • Hi Ijaz:

      Thanks so much for reading my post again. Wow and I appreciate what you have written here.

      I am not such a high tech person, I can only be an expert writer on this. As far writing goes I can write on unlimited topics and I want to extend my learning curve until I do become ultimate authority on that.

      Make it a super profitable week for yourself


  14. Very interesting post, Fran. Making our blogs more mobile friendly is something I think all bloggers should be thinking about, but most of them are far behind the technology curve – including myself. These are some great tips. I’ll need to use this post as a checklist for my blogs.

    Good luck with the contest.

    • Hi Brad:

      Thanks for reading the post and writing a really good ranking comment. Brad, I am also behind in technology, but as a reader and writer I can do a lot, and so I feel my job is to let as many people know as possible.

      Brad we all will catch up soon, after all we are bloggers, and we all are information seekers and information providers.

      Nice to meet you here.

      Make it a super profitable week for yourself

      Fran A

  15. Hi Fran

    Hope you are well.

    As always a great article.

    Without a doubt smartphones are the way forward, giving you the power to break free from your PC.

    Giving you the freedom to browse and buy on the go…its becoming a essential part of life, having a internet enabled cell phone is a must now!!!

    Devices like the iphone have changed the face of cell phones forever…its taken a while but smartphone is here to stay!!!

    So its paramount that all marketers get their sites so that they run on mobile platforms as well as computers.

    Especially with the dawn of the tablet devices such as the ipad which has dramatically increased the stakes even higher in the mobile market.


    • Hi Zahid

      I see how you are in touch with technology, that is great that will help you to sell better.

      I am sure this post will add information to your knowledge and you will think seriously to add pages for mobile search.

      Thanks for reading my post.

      Make it a great profit week for yourself.

      Fran A

  16. Hi Fran,

    Thanks for the tips about Mobile Promotion.

    I really need to optimize my blogs/websites for mobile search in the future.

    I added this to my bucket list of things to do.

    Keep the great post coming :)

    Best Regards,
    Cedric Aubry

    • Hi Cedric:

      It is a good idea to optimize your sites for mobile search, once your sites are seen better on mobiles, your sales will really boost, do not wait any longer, find sometime and do it.

      Your action will boost your sales for sure. I will like you to be making even more than now.

      To your success

      Fran A

  17. I think that slowly but steadily Mobile User base is gaining in size,so it would be a good idea to utilize this to boost your business.The tips you have provided would help your readers to do so.Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas.

    • PHP Books:

      Thanks for your comment on this post, it is good and right on the dot.

      Since it is not a common topic, as only upscale networkers are using it to their advantage, I tried to write a few post about it.

      Sounds like you have an online business too. It is a good idea to add few more pages to your site, and double your income.

      All the best

      Fran A

  18. Hi Fran, sorry for the delay in getting here but I’ve only just checked the twitter account you tweeted me at. I’ve had my head down whilst my PC was away for repairs.

    The mobile development has come a long way and will continue to do so. It is very important that we move with the time or we face being stuck in past.

    You’ve given some excellent tips here Fran, Thank you.


    • Fran the Online Writer says:

      Hi Barry:

      Thanks for your comment at my guest post. There is no need to be sorry, as you did the best you can.
      I appreciate your input to my post.

      Talk again

  19. Hi Fran,

    I’m a PC and web tech person but much less of a gadget girl. I really appreciate your rundown on the need for optimizing for mobile search. This is another area for me to delve into and you’ve given me a great starting point.

    It’s always weird trying to wrap your head around information that is greek to you, but you’ve done an excellent job of making new info clear and understandable.

    • Fran the Online Writer says:

      Hi Vernessa :

      Nice meeting you. Thanks for your comment on my blog post. Thanks for such an outstanding comment. I appreciate it very much.

      I am going to visit your site now.

      Talk again

      Fran A

  20. For me, it is so hard to keep up with new technology. But, as an online marketer it is our job to keep up with what is going on otherwise we will be cut out of the loop. Mobile is definitely where everything is headed and any online business that doesn’t get with the program soon, will be left in the dust. Thanks for the post.


  21. Hi Fran,
    I am in the mobile casino affiliate industry for a few years now and must say it is a must enter the mobile market as the traffic is growing exponentially. However the biggest problem is that there are no web standards for the smartphones, tablets and the mobile phones. However, hopefully the HTTP 5 protocol would be better solution.
    Regards. Tanya

  22. Well said mobile phones have now rosed from communication mode to entertainment mode. Nowadays we can do lot more from our mobile phone, launch of android and similar phones has enriched the gaming experience. Even business are now keen to develop mobile apps to make most out of the platforms.

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