2 Ways to Rock in a Blogging Contest

13 de Julho - Dia Mundial do RockThe big blogging contest on the topic of traffic generation has ended and now it is time to discover some of the things I did to get 330+ comments on my post, 50 Website Traffic Sources You Should Milk Like Crazy.

If you are interested in joining the awesome We Blog Better contest, read on and get ready for it.

The main thing, when it comes to contest, is of course - a great post. I believe mine was great. At least I was told so :)

From day one it attracted attention, it was commented on, retweeted, shared… The comments were great and a lot of them were along the lines of “This is one of the best blog posts I have ever read.”

To help you win the contest, this is what you need to do to get constant flow of comments and shares on your post. You don’t want your post to just be there for weeks with no comments and end up to have to beg people to comment two days before it ends.

Second, reply to every single comment. That is not only the way to get the numbers up, it is the way to connect with those visitors and this brought new regular readers and subscribers to my blog.

So, I got more than 300 comments on my contest entry without any special “action”, begging, sounding desperate or anything. I just kept promoting my post using the tips as explained in Kristi’s book blog Post Promotion Guide.

Did I do anything else? Yes, I would not be me, if I hadn’t done more, lol. When I was tired of building links to my contest post and bringing traffic, I decided to go straight for some results and did two things.

Organize a Facebook Event

I organized a Facebook event and invited my friends to it. I told them I am in a contest and asked them to read the post. I also asked them to comment on it or share it with their friends if they liked it.

Why didn’t I just tell them to share it instead of asking them to read it first? Because once they read the post, they all made long comments and went over the top with sharing the post. They loved it and that is what pushed them to help me.

The results were good, I expected only a few people to even respond, but I actually got about 20 great comments and a lot of shares. I did have to take in consideration that most of my friends have no clue what blogging or Twitter are, lol.

So that worked out great and all those that knew what a blogging contest is, responded and helped.

Steal comments

Yeah, I don’t know how else to name this. I started blogging not so long ago and I still don’t have so many friends in blogosphere as some of the other contestants. So I needed to make more friends and get more comments from them.

I chose a few posts written by people that I thought had the best comments on their posts and went through those comments. I would read a comment left by a blogger I have never seen, see what kind of a blog he/she runs and leave two or three comments on their blog.

We all like to repay the favor so they came and commented on my contest post. I did this about 15 times, until my ADHD kicked in. Every single one came to my post and commented on it. I bookmarked all of those blogs to continue building relationships online.

Why did I do this? Well, I have been doing something similar any time I want to find new blogs to read. I would go to a bigger blog that I love to read, like We Blog Better, for example, and follow all captivating links posted by people who commented.

That way I would find new interesting people to connect with. So I thought, why not apply the same thing to my contest post. Obviously it worked and not only did I get more comments, but I already connected with some of those great people.

These are two very simple tips that will get you more comments in a contest and that is what you want. Comments are like food to us bloggers, and you know they are one of the things that counts when it comes to who will win the contest.

If you are still thinking, don’t! Submit that post, use these two tips and what ever you normally do to promote your blog and you are on your way to victory :)

So… will we be reading your guest post contest entry here in the coming weeks?


  1. Hi Brancika. Please tell me you won that competition..if you didn’t you were robbed. Your post was ridiculously good. I’m entering this competition, well at least seriously thinking about it. Then I remembered it’s not just a writing contest it’s a promotion contest to, and I got cold feet. Hmm..what to do, what to write? This was was very inspiring though. Stacey

    • Hey Stacey, I will know the results in about a week. There have been some strange going ons, lol.

      You should definitely enter it, at least to try how it feels. And if you win, a nice cash will be on your way. You have all of us you connected with to help you promote it :) And I know you will write something really good!

  2. mtv roadies says:

    Super amazing extremely beautiful post their by you Brancika. I am comparatively new to blogging but your post has given me a very good list to go through before I start me SEO campaign. Really impresses but will you be seeing my post in the contest? Well, its doubtful. With bloggers like you posting there. I don’t think I will have a chance

  3. Yes that is beautiful post their by you Brancika.
    Thanks for these Ways to Rock in a Blogging Contest,Your post will help me.

  4. It’s all PR – public relations, promotion, whatever you label it – it’s the lifeblood of any blogebrity, and like any tool, it’s only as good as the individual USING the tool (so you gotta sort out your strengths and weaknesses: FORGET the weaknesses and concentrate on improving the strengths!) Cheers!

  5. You touch on a lot of really solid strategies for promoting your blog posts, Brankica. Like you allude to, it’s all about the relationships that you form, especially with other bloggers. It’s one of the most important things you can do to get your blog read and commented on. Good luck with the contest – hope you get the results you deserve! :)

  6. I don’t think of the second part as comment theft. I look at it as comment hopping. Obviously, if they are commenting elsewhere on a similar topic, they’ll be likely to come back to comment on yours. It’s a great way to network with new people in your niche AND help you win contests! :)

    • Lol, I just kinda had that expression in mind when I thought about it. I have done it before to get more people to my blog so why not do the same in the contest.

      By the way, that book really, really helped me promote it as best as I could considering I didn’t have many connections at the time :)

  7. Awesome tips. I haven’t entered any blogging contests yet, but I plan to! I’ll definitely be keeping these in mind.

  8. Comment hopping sounds so much nicer than comment theft.

  9. super tips . i think it will help in next contest.

  10. Dennis Edell says:


    Blog commenting has been my #1 traffic generator for several years now, and you stumbled onto what’s probably the #1 tip…attracting high quality commenters from others in your niche.

    Excellent work.

    Another hotty, if you can remember who you have seen before and who you haven’t, always personally welcome new commenters to your blog.

    You might be surprised how many really take that to heart, thank you for the warm reception and return as regular readers.

    • Hey Dennis, you are right about that. My blog is set to hold the first time commenters for review and it is easier to recognize who is new. Although it holds comments any time someone changes their keywords (I am using KeywordLuv plugin) I usually already know if they commented before. I do welcome new readers, so I hope that is what keeps them coming back :)

      Thanks so much for this great comment.

  11. Thanks Brankica,

    I have submitted 2 guest posts for the contest (my first ever). I know I would really enjoy doing this. Thanks for the timely info.

    • Use every idea you get to promote the posts as much as you can. This was my first contest too and I do have to say, I was not totally prepared. But it turned out good.

      All the best luck with your first contest!

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  14. Neva Brady says:

    Super amazing extremely beautiful post their by you Brancika. I don’t think of the second part as comment theft. Lol, I just kinda had that expression in mind when I thought about it. And if you win, a nice cash will be on your way.


  1. Blokube.com says:

    How to rock a Blogging Contest…

    Contest on the topic of traffic generation has ended and now it is time to discover some of the things I did to get 330+ comments on my post….

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