Do Women Blog Better? What separates women from men in blogging?

men-vs-womenI was surfing YouTube the other day and ran into an old video I really love. As soon as I heard the song, I was reminded of We Blog Better blog.

Yes, call me crazy, but some blogs just have music written all over them.

Not only did the song have We Blog Better written all over it, but it made me think of a few things that I think separate women bloggers from men bloggers.

There are exceptions to every rule and there will be exceptions to this one. But I have an average woman and man in my mind and this is how I see it.

Women blog better because they talk more

You have to admit we do. We can talk and talk. You have dinner with your best girlfriend, get home and call her ’cause there was just this one little thing you forgot to tell her. You hang up two hours later.

I think women write longer posts compared to what a man would write on the same subject. I, for example, sometimes write some observations and opinions even when I don’t need to.

But as a woman, I just feel my opinion has to be there. Otherwise, I feel like I didn’t write everything I had in mind and the post is not complete.

Women blog better because they are more creative

Who is more likely to come up with new ways to keep the kids quiet for an hour, while at the same time, cleaning up the house? OK, men can do it sometimes, but I am talking about safe ways that don’t include jumping off the roof or playing with knives. :)

Kiesha is the perfect example of a creative blogger. I mean what man would write a post about blogging and successfully compare it to salad!?

Women blog better because they love connecting

When you move to a new neighborhood, you will meet the new (female) neighbors in no time. They love connecting with new people. They are just friendlier.

Same goes for the blogging world. A lot of female bloggers will connect with more people in shorter amount of time. They will start conversations, leave long and nice comments on posts and really put the “social” in social media.

Women blog better because they get in more details

You know when you talk to a female friend over coffee and she is telling you about the new red dress her neighbor had on the other night. She will explain exactly what style was it, what kind of shoes and jewelry she had on, etc.

If you would ask a man about the dress, you would be lucky if he says it was red.

In blogging, I find that women will often write more detailed posts or create more detailed videos. They won’t go from step 1 to 2 and then to 3. That is a man thing to do.

We take the route of writing step 1 followed by 1.5 and 1.9 to reach 2, and so on. But you can’t go wrong with those blogging directions, can you?

Women blog better because they group fast

If you put 20 women in a situation, they will group up and never go through the problem together. There are some invisible particles that bring us closer together or push us away from each other.

This is good and bad. The good thing is that being in a group will often motivate you and the other gals will help you through different problems. The bad thing is that they will gang up on the outsiders.

Your ex-boyfriend has a new girlfriend? Your group will always, no exceptions, say that that girl is not even cute, she looks stupid, wears bad clothes and is so much worse than you. Will that be truth? Not always.

I have noticed the same thing in blogging. Your group will help you go through blogging blocks and other stuff that slows us down. But if one blogger from another group doesn’t like you, you can count on the others from that group to get on you.

Is there a point to this story?

We probably have many advantages over men. But we don’t always use them. We get too emotionally involved in some things while men turn emotions off and just work.

How about deleting all the negative you feel towards someone and do what men do. Just work. Do your best. Don’t worry if someone likes you or not, just do your best.

Once you are at the top (because you worked hard) everyone will like you, anyway.

Now, I do have to say sorry to men bloggers, but this is the song that reminds me of WBB and the great feeling I get here:

So, how do you feel about this? Do you really believe women blog better? What separates us?

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  1. I agree, women a better bloggers because they do know how to tell a story, of course that the practice helps a lot :)

  2. Completely agree with all points! You have put everything correctly about how women blog. I guess women blog better because they are more emotional and passionate and without passion no work is done greatly. Blogging requires passion and only women can add this emotional aspect into the posts.

    • Hey Anna,
      agreed :)

      I see by some comment that people are challenging the conclusion, but I am a women too and it is different how we see better compared to others, lol.

      Thanks so much for the comment :)

  3. Brankica,
    Interesting article. My only question is when you refer to blogging better, what is the operational definition? Better content, length, etc.?

    Current research states that men produce more content in the blogosphere, while females consume more content.

    I do agree that women group faster, and more detailed than men.

    • It is all presented up there, lol. You can see how I compare out general qualities to blogging. Like writing opinions where men would facts, etc.

      I am sure men produce more content as there are more men bloggers to start with, but this is just a fun comparison of some of our good and not so good habits :)

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. In general I agree with all the ideas, but at the same time, I wouldn’t like to generalize as there are men who blog rather well in fact. We are very peculiar and different in nature. There are good bloggers – both men and women. As for general proportion, we don’t know the exact number of bloggers online.
    I hope I didn’t offend anyone here.

    • That is why I wrote “There are exceptions to every rule and there will be exceptions to this one.” And it is more a story of how women are in real life and how those things apply to blogging.

      Of course there are men who blog better than women. Heck some of them are the best bloggers in the world. But I would say this is kinda different angle on that.

      I don’t think you’ve offended anyone, We Blog Better readers are a pretty friendly bunch.

      Thanks for the awesome comment and see you around :) Have a great week!

      • This Post is just cool. I appreciate women when they work. yes women has too many advantages but most of the time they fail to use them in a good way.

  5. I’m not a feminist but I think that women do everything better than men (sorry, men). We can’t do any work just for the sake of work – we put our soul into it.
    I remember my first experience in blogging – I did it just to do it. But then I felt ashamed, I deleted my comment and did it once again. Now every comment, every post – everything – is done via careful analysis and … passion.

    • DiNaRa,
      I love this comment. Obviously written “via careful analysis and … passion.” I also think we do stuff better than most men :)

      I need to say that I have worked in a men profession where they did not accept women. I managed to be the first women among 2.000 men and to be one of the best of them all in some areas of the job.

      So, although not a feminist, I know how much we can do!

  6. Hi Brankica. Amazing post highlighting women bloggers characteristics. I would like to add that women have more patience than men in handling day to day activities. Thanks for the share

    • Totally forgot patience :)

      Yup, you are right on that one. I have the patience sitting in front of my computer 20 hrs a day while my husband Jim doesn’t have the patience even too see that I am in front of my computer 20 hrs a day. Maybe not that extreme, but you really make a really valid point there. We do have more patience!

  7. Hi Brankica

    This one should get some debate going lol We definitely operate differently to men; especially in how we approach business.

    Being more emotional we respond differently in our approach to blogging, how we do business and most things I do believe ;-)

    Some of my male blogging buddies when they are sharing with a group I am part of, actually talk more! But generally it is estimated women do about 20,000 words in a day and men about 4,000!

    We do need that socialising and sharing. Whereas men don’t seem to do that in the same way. Makes life interesting and I think the jury is still out on who blogs better.

    Know some really great male and female bloggers. Great topic Brankica. Enjoyed it immensely.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Hey Patricia,
      I wasn’t really trying to start a gender war, lol. The title actually says it all. I was more trying to stress out the differences between us and men :)

      You are right about me talking more in certain situations. I thing they are just not openly talkative as we are. And they connect a bit harder and share a bit harder so that is what makes them look like quiet specie.

      Thanks so much for the comment, I love seeing you commenting on my posts :)

  8. Hey Brankica… I was laughing my ovaries off as I read this post! Talk about detailed orientated — sometimes I’ll write a 3 paragraph blog comment and realize that I’ve just said the same thing 3 different ways. :)

    But you know where else our strengths can really come into play? Writing sales copy. We can tell a good story and we know how to push all those neat little emotional buttons with complete ease. Not to say that men suck at it (I’m a huge Dan Kennedy fan) but we tend to be more passionate about making a point.

    • RLMAO at the ovaries :)

      I can see the thing with comments happen to me sometimes. Sometimes I will just write and realize I wrote a bunch of stuff that triggered my emotions in the post just to realize it has nothing to do with the topic of the post what so ever, lol.

      Sales copy…interesting observation and 100% agreed with you. I too know men who can write one, but when it comes to pushing emotional buttons, we can do that without thinking.

      Thanks for the awesome comment, Dahlia :)

  9. Actually, I want to disagree a bit. Men are actually better bloggers especially when it comes to blogging tips. Men assume ‘I know I can fix this kind of attitude’ and come up with more solutions hence more blog posts.
    You can refer to this article more on sex and blogging

    • Hey Alvin, not sure if I should ask, but have you read the post?

      It isn’t about who blogs better and who comes up with more blog posts.

      It is more about stressing out female characteristics that make them different than men and how they should use them to improve their blogging.

  10. I can see the validity to this point. I also feel I can get a bit more distracted than my female coworkers, have to regroup and focus on the task at hand.

    • Hey Nick, not sure who can we say gets distracted more, cause I sometimes think my main quality is getting distracted easy. But in general I think you are right and it is the men that do that ;)

  11. hm.. no offence, women are great at blogging too, but how many girl powered blogs are in top 100 best blogs?:) girls blog better about personal stuff and all this things, but when it comes to online, the guys are better, I think:D

    • I am seriously questioning if some people here read the post at all.

      This post is not about how many women are in top 100 but about differences in approach, creativity, etc.

      And I thought blogging happens online too…Never knew men are online and women are not…

      Anyway, no offence taken, everyone has the right to their opinion :) Thanks for the comment!

  12. There’s no different between man and woman while we are bloggers.

  13. Brankica,
    Hold on now ladies. Put the brakes on this one! No, just kidding. Really, this is what I have noticed with respect to women vs. men bloggers (Universal truth). Myself, when I blog / post, etc., I tend to be VERY analytical. I feel like I do a good job, but I am not nearly as warm and engaging and I have noticed through the years that many (most) women are. I do believe that women are generally better at overall engagement / attraction (oh the irony!)
    Bryan :)

    • Hey Bryan, thanks for being the first men here that actually got what I was trying to say, lol.

      Hey, we can turn changing a tire into an emotional experience (if we know how to change it) so emotional blogging is piece of cake :)

  14. Well please don’t feel bad but when I read first few paragraphs then I was sure that article is written by Women . Well women handle so many task and always a good pack of knowledge , no matter where they live or what they do . I have noticed that if my mom watch some good recipes on tv then she will sure give them a try . But my dad always says – leave it man – why to waste time if we are not sure what will be the outcome . Is this a habit or what ?

    • Lol, but the article is written by a woman :) So I don’t feel bad, lol. Hey, I don’t think men will ever fully understand us, and vice versa.

      When it comes to that cooking, what are the chances of your mom making us some chocolate cake?

  15. Hi Brankica!

    Now, I don’t know that I’d say women blog BETTER, but we certainly blog differently! Socially speaking, women are more apt to form circles and connections and relations where there were none before, and men are geared more for the totem pole hierarchal set-up.

    Women are more contextual, and men more analytical.

    This, of course, is just generalities, but still. They’re there if anyone cares to observe them.

    When it comes to blogging, sometimes the cut-and-dry, “This is The Way It Is, and this is Why” is what we want. Sometimes, “This is How It Is, but oh, by the way…” is good, too.

    I was reading another blog post somewhere recently (I wish I could remember where) that was discussing the statistics, about how more than half the users on Facebook and Twitter were women, but WELL more than half of the businesspeople were still men. That surprised me, but it didn’t, too.

    Men are driven, go-get-em, present the business, and deliver the business. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If it weren’t for men and their wonderfully driven ways, we wouldn’t have had roasted bison to go along with the gathered berries back in the hunter-gatherer days.

    But the women that were presenting their businesses had built up these little communities around themselves on social media and on their blogs. It made it extremely interesting to see the results.


    • Hey Delena, my dear stalker, lol (I am one of those too), thanks for the comment and I agree with you on this.

      This post isn’t even about who is better, it is just pointing some advantages we could and should use to climb higher in this men’s world, lol.

      And I guess men are still at the top cause they look at everything as business while we don’t.

      Here is a little story from the other day:
      I did some work for a lady regarding design of her website. She needed more work done and she offered a lot of money. I didn’t need long to finish it and I would never charge that much.
      So I was talking to my husband and telling him about it and how I feel bad cause I don’t want to charge that much.
      He was like, charge it all, while I felt bad. I ended up doing it my way but this shows how emotions get in way of business and that is one big difference between us.

  16. I have to agree Women are better bloggers. Its a combination of all the things you mentioned here. For women creating a blog post is sort of an art and they take time to make it look nicer and more elegant as well. Men I think are always in a hurry to get it done quickly. I’m speaking in general terms here :-) .

  17. Glynis Jolly says:

    Great post, Brankica.

    I agree with all but one and that could be that my life experiences are different from your. I think men connect better because they want to know up front what their competition is. Women on the other hand hang back a little and test the waters.

    • I agree but up to a point. I saw some women that do that and they have less emotions towards their competition than men.

      But in general terms, I believe you are right.

  18. OK was a bit thrown back by this. But then though, ok so men and women are different, why not blog different.

    But instead of getting all hot under the collar, I took it as a challenge and created my own post.

    Do Men Blog Better? What Separates Men From Women?

    I thought it would come up with comluv, but alas it did not, so am going to leave the URL.

    Girls, please visit and see if you agree. Guys it’s in defence of our blogging prowess, let me know if you agree.

    Having said all that I think it’s a great post, and a good one to encourage conversation.

    • I had a nice laugh over there. Great post!

      Well, let me talk about the pie in the sky. I believe you understood this post and that it is not actually saying we blog better, but pointing out differences that we should use better.

      You used some of the same facts, turned them around and made an opposite but again truthful post.

      The main thing is, and Kiesha will confirm this, is that you can compare literally anything to blogging and draw conclusions what ever way you want. The is the power of creativity.

      Thanks so much for that link love and it is great meeting you here!!!

  19. stephwoo286 says:

    Studies usually conclude that men actually talk more btw. Though arguably that’s because they tend to elbow unassertive women out of conversations.

    But I wouldn’t necessarily disagree otherwise :P

    • I never read anywhere that men talk more than women :) And have never seen it, lol.

      But I think I know what you mean and thanks a bunch for the comment!

  20. Hi Brankica, apart from all the points you have listed here, women blog better because they are quick learners than men and their IQ is a bit higher than men. Well you may get surprised to see a comment like this from a man, but I have to accept the reality.


    • Satish, as long as you are on “our side” we like what you write in comments. I like seeing some men actually inderstanding what I tried to say here :)

      I guess all this just proves that men really are from Mars and women are from Venus, lol.

      Thank you so much for the comment and all the support!

  21. Hmm, I hope I won’t be beaten with sticks by a horde of women but I don’t think women blog better then man.

    I am not saying man blog better but rather, there are a specific type of people (both men and women) who always talked in the English class, who made the best commentary about certain poems and literature when you were in high school.

    Those that can get a sentence and talk one hour or more about it (ok, when women gossip with one an other doesn’t count) and can say things you would never think about it, while also keeping it related to that sentence.

    There are no men and no women, only bloggers!

    • Hey Alex, I don’t think you will be beaten, but as I repeated several times in the comments, it is about the differences, not really about who is better.

      Thanks for the reply, but I do have to say one thing. I went to language/social sciences high school and have never seen a boy that can talk about stuff like that better than girls.

  22. I have to admit that I don’t read any blogs written by guys but that’s because I haven’t found any. You do make a good point though. I drone on and on. I’ve even run out of space while typing up a comment. I’m sure there are guys out there writing great blogs but I really doubt that they are blogging about soaps or books although I suppose the might be. It could just be a case of me not discovering them.

    • Hey Barbara,
      you make a great point. Everyone seems to be focusing on blogs about blogging here, but there are so many areas of blogging.

      I gotta stalk you around and see what blogs about books you read, I love reading :)

  23. Yes, women are more talk active then men. About the littlest fact a whole conversation is possible. A photo on a driver license can spark a conversation that goes to which side of their face is the best to photograph to vacation snap shots. For men it would just mean that you can drive a car which can become handy when the group drives to somewhere in the weekend.

    Or how one makes lists to go to the shop can turn out it is not so much about shopping but to get out of the house. For a men it would be just something to have in time food in the house.

    Each morning I can hear women talk against eachother while sitting in the train while my only thought is:’Shut up, be quiet! I can not sleep over here with all that noise’. :-)

    • Johan, this has to be the funniest and most entertaining comment I’ve read in awhile. I love it.

      When you mentioned the driving license photo, my brain was already over the vacation shots and in diving school at the sea. Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense but that is how our brains work, lol.

      Thanks so much for the comment!

  24. It’s not a slight on the idea, but I’m one of those people that don’t really believe in generalizations. I think yes, there are women who can blog better than men, but there are also men who can blog better than most women. It’s hard to say, especially because women and men blog about different things. I guess, it can all be about perspective and angles, and who influences a reader more.

    • Hey Slide Buddy, that is why I wrote at the beginning that there are always exceptions to the rule. I do agree that it is hard to compare this cause we often blog about different things.

  25. Well, I don’t consider we should think in terms of who is better, more creative or smarter, but realize that we are speaking about different styles in writing and blogging. There is no good one and bad one. I think we are not more in the era when we think that men are better than women, but neither that women are better than men. We are just DIFFERENT ;)

    • Lol, Anna, that was my point in this post too. I was trying to show in which areas we are different and what we can use better to become better. Not better than men, just better than what we are at the moment :)
      Thanks for the comment!

  26. I agree even i am men. haha. cause women more talkative than men, totally agree ! :) . Visit this site.

  27. This is such a fun blog post, thanks Brankica.

    I will never forget the videos I watched with my husband about the differences between men and women and how they need to appreciate one another to make a marriage successful.

    The biggest differences if I remember right were talking and shopping, lol.

    Apparently they wired little children at age 5 and recorded everything the child said all day. Forgive me for not remembering but like 90% of what the little girls said was conversational where as 90% of what the boys said were just sounds. Vroooom, brrrrr, boink, bang, boom, etc…

    I am not so sure that changes a whole lot when they grow up either (:

    The average woman speaks 40,000 words a day where the average man speaks 25,000. So if your husband has a job where he talks a lot expect him to have used all his words and come home with nothing to say. It is such a fun topic and now I have rambled on and want to keep rambling but I need to get the day started.

    Thanks for reinforcing my suspicions,

  28. Lol.

    Great Post for the Post :D

    I really have no comments here. Some bloggers are better than others (man or women ; gender doesn’t matter at all).

    Anyway, great post.

    I hope that this post will be inspirational for women bloggers out there.


    • Hey Jeevan, thanks so much. You say you have no comments but this is stronger than some other things you would say :) “I hope that this post will be inspirational for women bloggers out there.”

  29. Ok, no shooting if I disagree……..:).

    Actually I don’t disagree per se but agree there are certainly differences so it comes down to preference as well. Everything you mentioned in your post about the differences in girls and guys is true.

    I wanted to see how Patricia replied ’cause I knew she would be insightful.

    Personally, I like to do the guy things like golf, going to sporting events, having a drink at the bar, etc but put me in a room at a social event and I always gravitate to the ladies. I think my social media life if very similar.

    If you look at my twitter followers or FB friends it’s about 2:1 girls to guys. I just like the ladies, but that’s a good thing right?

    From my limited experience in this universe, the women seem more likely to help and to invite you in. They also seem to be very insightful in their writings. For this fact alone, I’ll give you the vote.

    How’d I do?

    • You did great, definitely no shooting, lol. Bill, you already know you are a person we like to see around, so at this point I can’t see how you would go wrong :)

  30. I agree — women do blog better. Mostly, I think because we tend to make blogging more personal and add more feeling. I do love men’s blogs though on subjects that I really need direction. For direction combined with feeling, turn to a woman. Either way — we need both types of blogs. Rachel

  31. Hi Brankica,

    I never thought about who blogs better until i saw this article. And now that i think about it, i agree with you, most of the blogs i read i written by women (and i don’t mean cooking blogs). This was by no means intentional, it just got that way without me knowing.
    I’m guessing the main reason i read mostly women blogs is because they explain things better (is that because we like to talk more?!) and their articles cover a larger target, including men.


    • Maria, now that I think about it, I too read more blogs written by women, and no cooking ones, lol. The thing about explaining is that we will go into more detail, so other women will understand us.

      I learned a lot about differences between man and woman and the way their brain works cause I graduated college on the theme of difference between men and women competitive shooters. The biggest “problem” is that men understand some things cause they are just born that way. We need explanation.

      So when you read a tutorial written by men, they assume you understand some steps that you really don’t. That is why I like reading woman written stuff more, lol.

  32. I’ve know a lot of blogger online but most of them are men, but i was amaze and more impress with a lady blogger.

  33. Maybe it’s just women are more vocal compared to men. That’s why they are more open to their emotions or thoughts. These two are important characteristics that they possess for them to gain more readers.

    • I agree Samantha. And if someone says that men are read more than women, we can always say that there are more men reading to start with. They will always relate to other men and their way of writing.

  34. I think you missed the mark a little bit with this one. You can definitely say that there are certain personality traits/attributes that make some people naturally better bloggers than others, like creativity or their ability to connect with new people. You can’t, however, make such unfounded generalizations about men and women. In all honesty, I found the post a bit offensive.

  35. This a good perspective on the differences of men and women when it comes to blogging. The ability of women to ‘speak up’ more and open up about what they really feel are two important things that also contribute to this perspective in blogging.

  36. I have read blogs from men where they do blog quite as well too. Probably it depends on which niche you are talking about. Just my 2 cents.

  37. Nail Art designs says:

    I think that woman are better blogger, but I dont know why :-)

  38. Dr. Gary Smalley teaches that men and women speak a different langauage, and I believe it. How many women would hear, “We need to think about stopping soon.” and not understand that means next time we come to a clean bathroom, we need to stop? Men hear something totally different. I tried for about 15 years to get my husband to understand on long car trips. Finally, I just learned to say, “Stop at the next available restroom.”

  39. Hi there! I came across your blog and found it very amusing. I haven’t noticed any differences in men and women’s blogging strategies until I have read this. Yes! you do have a point and I totally agree with you. Women are more passionate in most of they do that’s why it full of feeling when they read. But men, are specialist of ideas too. They are more likely to be interested in new information, games and new technology.

    Everyone has their own specialty right? :)

  40. Glenna Kennedy says:

    I did some work for a lady regarding design of her website. I came across your blog and found it very amusing. They are more likely to be interested in new information, games and new technology.

  41. I have to say I’m a bit puzzled by this. Being a woman, I naturally should support my sisters, but I have some love and appreciation for males and their writing too..but maybe because I’m thinking about books that have been written by men, not blogs.
    Actually, thinking about it, most of my favorite books have been written by women as well. So..erm…
    Don’t like generalizing but think I have to agree ;)
    Amen sisters!

  42. Another thing to add- Women pay more attention to details. Details quite often play a big part of storytelling…

  43. I read this post and because I had too much to say you’ve got my answer to this article here:

  44. Shenuel Smith says:

    What a lovely post, and particularly relevant for me because I took it as my patron when I became an oblate last year.. Its about the best fashion accessories that makes you a real women. :)

  45. Mas Gie says:

    Hi brankica,
    The title of your article is very nice. I am confused what to say. In my opinion, between men and women bloggers are the best of all, they have more value and less on the circumstances. But I must confess, more women bloggers had the idea to write the article. They can write an article about the little things done every day, they talked about the dinner menu for the family, or other little things that sometimes never done by man blogger. Overall, all the bloggers as well if they are able to provide something useful for others.

  46. Does anyone know of a blog for women who are pregnant again after having a stillbirth? My baby girl died when I was 5 days past my due date in July and I plan to become pregnant soon.


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