5 Things I Did to Make My Blog Take Off

Guest post by Brankica

Take-off at London CityI don’t need to say that I know all of you reading this blog love Kiesha.

First post of hers I have ever read, got me hooked enough that this is one blog I never miss reading. So you can imagine how happy I was to be asked to write something here.

The main question I get asked a lot is how my blog moved forward so fast. When I sit down to think about it, I don’t think I did anything special. I followed some basic rules and it worked.

But if I dig a bit deeper, I think I know the perfect answer to this question: I actually applied the stuff I learned.

How many times did you read a great post that gives you a really hot tip, commented on it saying you will use it and never did? That is what most people do.

Well I am a doer and here are the top 5 things I did to make my blog move forward:

1. I knew some things before I started!

A lot of new blogs are written by – new bloggers. They don’t know anything about blogging when they start.

They want to make thousands of dollars in the first three months but have no idea about basic online business principles.

Most of my readers know I came from the “Site Build It! school”, meaning I used SBI and learned from it. I learned basics of SEO, traffic generation, affiliate marketing, business building, etc. OK, I am not applying all of that to my blog obviously, but I have reasons why I don’t.

Learn before you start. Sure, you need to learn as you go, but you have to know the basics before you start. Isn’t it better to do the SEO (or anything else) right from the start than go back and fix all of your posts?

2. I built relationships

I used Twitter to connect with people way before my blog turned out to be what it is now. Twitter is by no means the only social media you can and should use, but it is a great way to connect.

Follow people whose blogs you like to read. If they don’t follow back, so what! Try to connect with them. Ask questions. Share their posts you loved reading.

Trust me, most of the bloggers will appreciate it and try to “repay” the favor in some way.

3. I commented

I could never understand the big fuss about do-follow and no-follow blogs and how everyone goes crazy when they hear a blog is a no-follow. Are you commenting for links only? You are not gonna have much success then!

The reasons I comment:

  • I like the post and want to make sure the author knows it
  • I have an opinion about it
  • I have an additional question
  • and from time to time, I have actually something smart to add

I commented many times with CommentLuv option turned off. I still do it. I am not there for the links. Great if I get one, but if I comment on every post on a blog multiple times, I am sure gonna be fair enough and show that I am there cause I am genuinely interested in the post.

4. I was honest

I think my big breakthrough was actually a post I wrote that kinda had many bloggers involved – Human spammer (http://live-your-love.com/human-spammer-lose-reputation-blogger/).

I was annoyed with some comments left on my blog and made a post about it. I was just being honest about something that bugged me.

Turned out that I “discovered” a person that wasn’t completely honest in commenting on blogs and a really big discussion developed.

A post that got so many comments was in addition shared at a lot of places and linked to on several occasions. So more people heard about my blog and more people came to see it. Some stayed.

Be honest what ever you do. If you are selling something be honest about if it will help people. Be honest about your opinion when it comes to products you tried. Just don’t lie, that is all.

5. I did my SEO good

My top traffic source at the moment is the big G. Followed by other search engines. That means I did my SEO by the book and they found me.

Here are two quick tips you can use to jump start your Search Engine traffic:

  • Write about new stuff – Be one of the first ones to write about something. Review a new product, software, book. You will be picked up by SE even before others write about it.
  • Don’t go for the big keywords at the beginning. If  you are trying to rank your blog for “SEO” how long do you think it will take you? Do some keyword research and use the words with lower numbers. You will rank easier.

I know most of you will say “But that is nothing new”. Exactly. But are you doing all 5 things!? And if you are, are you doing them right?

If you need “one-on-one” help, you know I am here to help. You can always contact me through my blog and ask questions. I will help if I can. And if by any chance I have no idea how to help you, at least I will point you to someone that can.

I am blogging at Live Your Love blog and trying to help those who want to learn how to blog like a star. If you want to get some additional tips and keep in touch with me, please subscribe to my newsletter.


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  1. Wow Brankica it is right what you say about Kiesha.

    Also, she is very intuitive. I was about to ask you the same and I imagine that many other people too.

    You seem very intelligent also, and determined in doing what you love with passion, but that rapid grow of yours is very impressive an inspiration.

    So I wander about the system—I am more than a half in the ‘tribe’, whiteout knowing :) —you were using in building your presence and business online—though ‘they’ are lucky to have you.

    So that of yours is a most read, although I don’t have the time now to relish it slowly and in detail, I will copy it to read when can, and I will comment next time I came here.

    Thanks a lot Brankica

    • Hey Mark, thanks for the comment and the nice words. You need any help you can get and by being genuine, people will group with you to help and be helped.

      If you need additional help after you read the post again shoot me an e-mail with the questions :)

  2. This is a great post, just what I’ve been needing! I’m just starting out blogging, so any tips I can get are always a bonus.

    • Glad you liked it, Tina. If you are just starting spend lees time on perfecting the design of your blog and more on learning a tip or two. That way you will get traffic before you know it and you can change the design as you go (at least that is one of the things people at the beginning try to focus too much on).

  3. Hi Brankica,

    You may say this is five simple things but i would say it’s extremely important. People tend to ignore the basic and choose a way that is short and fast.

    You are too right about commenting my friend. Like you, i am puzzled by post about do-follow or no-follow. As a commentator, who cares about those? From bloggers part, i made my blog a do-follow blog to reward the commentator. I sincerely hope people comment because they like my post, not only looking for some links.

    Overall, this is good advice. Simple, basics but essential.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hey Lye,
      you are right, simple but many overlook it when they start.

      You can’t put a roof on the house if you did not build the walls, right :)

      I also don’t care about the follow attribute of the link, I care more about connecting with more bloggers.

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Lye,
      I’m with you when you say you hope people comment because they like the post, not because they want the link. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people just linking for the link, but that’s what makes people like you and Brankica so valuable to me :)

  4. Hello Brankica,

    “5 Things I Did to Make My Blog Take Off” is a timely blog post for me.They are on the money, easy to implement or use as a check list when I’m writing a post.

    Step by Step information is the kind of information I’m constantly seeking.

    Many thanks,


  5. Great post, Brankica. I started blogging about 3.5 years ago, and new nothing of what it took to create a successful blog. I was one of the new bloggers when I started.

    Over the last couple of years I have learned about SEO, and as I have been learning, I can see the effects on my blog.

    Over the past few months I have learned the power of commenting. I try to comment as often as I can, and I try to add some value to the discussion. I hate it when someone leaves a “thank you” only comment on my blog, so I don’t write those myself. Providing a good discussion in the comments section of a blog is a great way to share opinion, and meet new bloggers and others that share your interests.

    Next up for me is to make better use of social media.

    • Hey Paul,
      your blog is one of the first ones I started reading when I was thinking about starting my blog :)

      Because of comments like “thank you” I even have a commenting policy on my blog. Not to mention that I delete those and any other comment that is obviously not closely related to the post. I would let short comments slide if they are made by bloggers I know give their best to be fair players and earn my respect.

  6. Brankica,
    I do agree that building relationships is key not only for blogging but for everything in life. Great article. Thanks.

    • Roberto, I think relationships with great people are the main thing that pushed my blog forward.

      They share my content, they help when I need them, they give advice even if I don’t want them, lol, but isn’t that what friends do!

  7. Good and very important points here Brankica. Shame a lot of bloggers out there are still stuck on the runway because they don’t put these kind of points into action.

    Important steps are to be taken for a blog to take off just like you stated!

    Congrats on your guest post on We blog better! Look forward to reading some more articles on Live Ur Love! :)

    • Thanks Phil,
      this is such an honor for me to be featured on We Blog Better. Kiesha is one of my blogging role models!

      I think keeping it simple and starting from the beginning (which many try to just jump over) is the base for any success.

      • Kiesha Easley says:

        It’s an honor to have you guest posting here! I sincerely hope you’ll consider the invitation I emailed you :) But of course, there’s no pressure!
        Thanks for this outstanding post today!

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Phil,
      Sounds like you know exactly what makes the difference between successful bloggers and the average – it is indeed action. There comes a point when you have to stop taking in new information and act on what you already know.

      • This is a major point!

        Note to everyone:

        If you keep taking in everything you read and wanting to do everything, it will probably be too much.

        Try to bookmark everything you read and think you can use and do one by one. Some days you will do two great things for your blog, sometimes you won’t do anything.

        The point is that you should do one thing at the time.

        • what one thing at a time? lol i am working on 3 things right now and have 3 things open on other lap top to do…

          seems like there is lot of back and forth and nothing is getting finished.. lol

          • Exactly what I am talking about. I always have 20 tabs open but the only time I get something done is when I do one thing at the time :)

          • Meet the maximum threads. this is in reply to the msg below.

            It is the simple and what should be the obvious stuff that kills us all the most.

  8. And of course you have also published your articles on other blogs as guest blogger which brought you a lot of targeted traffic and helped to build your brand online.

    • No, not really :)

      This is only my third guest post and I just checked my Google Analytics, the two posts I published before brought some traffic in the first few days (not a lot though) and that was it.

  9. I really enjoy this post. I’m doing all of these things and I see my blog growing. I am almost up to 200 views a day and I am hoping to go further. I have an entertainment blog which is a common niche but I really enjoy doing it. Do you have any comments on how to take my viewership upa notch other than the helpful ways you already mentioned?

    • If I understood well, you want more visitors? Well, any time you want fresh eyes on your blog, start visiting places you usually don’t.

      Start commenting on new blogs (new to you, not necessarily new existing), join some of the answer sites and help people, join a forum in your niche.

      Although some will say you can’t get much from forums, I would not agree.

  10. Hi there, great beginner and improver tips there Brankica. Consider me told and acting on the advice. Please excuse my ignorance, but where would you direct someone who is total newbie to onpage, and any other type of SEO to go and learn what they should and should NOT be doing from the ground up..like you said, I want to start right, not have to go back and clean up my messes : )

    My blog is 1 day old, and I want to get it right, first time round, if that’s even possible?
    Thanks in advance



  11. Last time I checked..baking a cake was a fine art: )

    One I have still not mastered…if you need cookies though..I’m ya girl

    • I am becoming master of brownies, if that can help, lol.

      Cake, not so easy, so I guess marketing isn’t either.

      Stacey, what are the chances of you sending me some chocolate cake :)

      • Virtual chocolate cake on it’s way Brankica… Fat free with vanilla sprinkes on top, lol.

        Thanks for the hyperlink you added to my comment, going to check out the resource now. Any blog posts on either here, or your blog you would recommend about the basics?

  12. Wow Amazing article Brankica,

    You’re sharing good point about commenting. I’ve seen many bloggers do all this for backlinks & traffic.

    For me commenting is all about connecting with other bloggers and building relationship with blog owner =)).

    Thanks for sharing this awesome article. Just voted it on Blokube and retweeted.


  13. Hey Brankica, as we say at church PREACH GIRL!! You are doing a great job and it’s wonderful that you’re being open and passing along the blessings. Keep rockin”! :)

    • Thanks, Ileane, you helped me so much that I am definitely counting you in my Top Helpers :)

      How many times did you go to a newbie blog and saw everything done wrong, like not replying to comments and allowing spam to link out?

      Or writing bad titles that are not good for humans nor Search engines. Too many people are skipping the baby steps.

      • Gee whiz Brankica, I don’t know how you do it. No matter where you blog there is always a long list of comments. You are really something else LOL! I saw that there was 99 comments on the post and I couldn’t resist to make it 100. :)

        You really do know how to blog like a star!

        • And here is 101 to say Thanks :)
          Wow, I missed the count but that sounds great, didn’t know there were so many. It really means a lot to get so many comments on a blog that is updated so often.

          I guess people are in the mood to read my babbling at the moment, lol.

          And hey, I learned a lot from you…Your posts are the one with 20 comments made in the first hour!

          Thanks, Ileane, I appreciate all the help and support!

  14. Brankica,
    You are everywhere! You seem to be well on your way to crushing it (and crushing me at the 140 blog comment challenge :)

    Looking forward to watching you grow into super stardom…

    • Oh, don’t even mention the challenge. I mean I had a lot of time, more than I really needed but somehow got blocked in Akismet and could not see half of them go live at the moment.

      Lol, I bet everyone is thinking the same, so I have to promise everyone: “I will not jump out of your fridge”. That is a saying we have in my country, when you see someone all over the place, “Next thing, he will be jumping out of my fridge”.

  15. There is a crap ton of value in this post. And delivered with the precision of a sharp shooter :-)

    Seriously, I hope the joke makes up for me only having the following to say. Awesome post :-) Should be read by all bloggers, especially new.

    • Oh, Dino, you are one of those bloggers that everyone loves and don’t care if they write simply Thank You, lol.

      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it. I hope many will read it too :)

  16. Hey Brankica,

    I think it’s interesting that you stated the perfect answer you have for why your blog took off so fast is because you actually applied what you learned.

    Many people think that there is some secret to creating a successful blog, but most likely they know everything they need to know to be successful but they are not applying what they know or what they learn to achieve their blogging goals.

    I believe the best advice you gave is to build relationships. Building relationships with accomplished bloggers will help you grow your blog quickly since accomplished bloggers normally have a large readership or following, and if you can build a good relationship with one of these bloggers you will have a chance to get your blog in front of their audience. Thanks for sharing insights Brankica.

    • I could not agree more, John. Everything you said is right to the point.

      I.e. we all know great titles get clicks. But how many bloggers actually think of writing an awesome title. Or keeping the design clean, yet, you can see Adsense ads in the headers.

      Many big bloggers know how it was to start and if they see a genuine and nice person in you, they will help.

  17. I am in complete agreement with your commenting approach. It’s funny – before I started blogging, it never really occurred to me leave a comment. Now, as a blogger that understands the satisfaction of feedback, I try to leave one whenever I find a post to be interesting or helpful.
    Great tips that I imagine a blogger at any stage can learn from.

    • I know what you mean about not leaving a comment :)

      I I can see having i.e. 300 visitors one day but only 20 comments. Sometimes it is frustrating, until I remember that I used to do the same thing.

      Thanks for the comment, Ronika!

  18. Hola Sharp Shooter,
    I’m gonna’ borrow my friend Dino’s words here – just because he’s cool, he’s right and he made me laugh!

    “There is a crap ton of value in this post…” And he’s absolutely right.The tools you applied don’t require brain surgery and what’s even better is that they come naturally to you.

    I had no idea about blogging and everything it entails until months after I started “writing online”. I learned and continue to do so.

    One thing you said that struck me is how many of us are handed a great tip on a silver platter – and we say we’re gonna’ do it – and then we don’t. I’ll admit to being a victim of that at times. Hence the reason why I have over 60 or so tabs open. My PC is getting ready to crash at any moment now haha.

    I suck at SEO but you know that already. However, I know how to build relationships and most importantly maintain them and watch them grow into friendships.

    I’m all about being genuine and honest. If I say something, I mean it. If I’m helping you out in some way – I’m not expecting anything in return. IF you ask for my opinion – I’ll tell it like it is.

    As for commenting – well, I think you and many know how I feel about that. I still don’t know what blogs are follow or no follow or whatever. I don’t give a crap if I get a backlink or not.

    If I’m commenting, it’s because I have something to say or add on to. It’s because the post made an impact and inspired me to share my thoughts. But again – that should be obvious. If I was doing it for the links (again – don’t know who has them and don’t care) then believe me, my comments wouldn’t take up half a page lol ;)!

    You deserve all the growth you’ve been seeing and worked hard for Brankica. Keep rockin’ it my dear.

    Thanks for sharing your little secrets with us.

    Have a great week

    PS – Hey Kiesha :) Hope you’re well. Keep up the amazing work you’re doing here.

    • Hey Ingrid-bear :)

      I have two browsers open, each with at least 10 tabs, haven’t turned off my computer at least 10 days (just put it too sleep so everything stays on) and have at least 3 folders full of bookmarks marked urgent-to-do. I feel your pain, lol.

      Thanks for the awesome comment and you are someone who creates great relationships. I love being your friend!

      I know you never comment for links, like you said, the comments would be much shorter then, but after knowing you for some time now, I would post your comment if the only thing written in it would be “A”…lol

  19. Branika,

    It is so good to see you here at Kieshas site.

    The fact that you are honest and not afraid to bump up against some pretty big names advice has made me a big fan of yours.

    Most new bloggers could really use your SEO advice. I see it as one area that many are afraid to learn and do. It may seem confusing at first, but you have some good basics we can all follow.

    • Sheila, thank you so much. For people that know some things that knowledge seems easy.

      But I realized the other day, especially after reading a blog post by Blog Tyrant, that not everyone knows all that is in our heads.

      So I can say “apply basic SEO” and someone might ask “what is SEO”.

      I will try to fix the SEO hole by writing about it, I promise :)

      Thank you so much for your support all this time!

  20. Glynis Jolly says:

    Hi again, Brankica

    I still have a hard time deciding what a keyword is. I keep on trying but I may well be on another planet. The rest I do. ;)

    • A keyword is a word or an expression that you focus your page on. That is important for Search engine optimization and trying to rank high in search engine results.

      So if you are in a dog niche, you would have a page called “puppy crate training”. You would put that keyword (although made of 3 words) in your title, all over your post, links, etc.

  21. I love what you say about being honest. So true! Not only is this ethical, but it still sells. If you’ll give the pros and cons, you help your readers make better choices — and the appreciate that!

    • Could not agree more. I think I made more money in my life by telling the truth than anything else.

      I understand big sellers are big sellers, but if I am going to promote something and haven’t tried it, at least I will say “I have not tried this, but everyone says it is great”.

      I think, since people are spending time reading what I write (or in my case sometimes just babble, lol), I owe them that honesty!

  22. Brankica, aloha. WOW! The party has really moved along since my visit hours ago. Knowing a bit about your and Keisha’s fan, I know the party is far from over. Look forward to stopping back later to enjoy reading more comments.

    Dino,in his inimitable style, said it so well; Ingrid dittoed it & I agree 100% with both of their comments.

    We need to apply what we learn. Brankica, I am enjoying learning from you because you make things easy to understand for a non-techie.

    When it comes to building relationships, you are so on target that I can feel the warmth of your personality in the exchanges that I see

    Brankica, this post is another bull’s-eye. Aloha. Janet

    • Aloha Janet,
      thank you so much! Love the bullseye reference :)

      I thought about this a lot cause so many people asked me how my blog moved forward pretty fast and I realized the simple truth that I wrote here. I did things people just plan to do.

      Glad you like the way I explain stuff and I plan to get even more “simple” and write so everyone can understand me. Might be a bit boring for some advanced bloggers, but everyone can use a refresher class every once in a while :)

  23. Hi Brankica!

    It’s funny; I consider myself a new blogger even though I’ve been blogging since around 1998. If I’d concentrated on pro blogging, I’d be huge by now! =)

    But all I’m doing is basically these things you list here because I don’t have the money to spend on all the bells and whistles that pro bloggers swear by and say that you *need* it for success on your blog.

    Maybe that’s true, and those things are necessary for some real growth, but for now this seems to be working for me. I’m seeing a few subscribers to my blog update newsletter, new traffic is coming from comments I leave on other blogs or Twitter, and just by being *present* on other great blogs and contributing, I’m establishing what I hope is a god reputation.

    This is a great list. They’re called “the basics” for a reason! =)


    • Hey Delena,
      I don’t think all the things they recommend are a must have for success. Sure, they make things easier but you can do a lot with free tools and some effort.

      I just got a book the other day that was promising a lot and didn’t learn one new thing from it!!! I sure won’t be recommending that!

      If you get stuck with something and need help or are wondering how to replace certain recommended tools with free stuff, send me an e-mail and I will see what I can recommend that worked for me.

  24. This was very informative AND if I had planned on blogging ‘commercially’ this would be ‘spot on’ as evidenced by the success you have achieved.

    I actually did open an account thru WordPress and blogged; but the site it so basic it is still not ‘follow’ worthy. But that’s ok, I’m just using it more to be part of the game and I’m really only interested in developing real connections and friendships. I will gradually improve it as I go.

    My challenge is to be credible in some way and be able to comment to posts like yours where you feel there is some benefit for me to be around and not just a drain on your precious time.

    I like your style and now that you have ‘endorsed’ Kiesha I would like to see what she is all about.

    Thanks for letting me in to your party.

    • Hey Bill,
      nice to have you join the party here. Kiesha is definitely one of my blogging role models and I strongly recommend reading this blog.

      You will see, the authors here are so creative I sometimes read a post 3 times before I can make a comment, that is how much they amaze me!!!

      It is cool to blog for fun or any other reason. But if you plan to make it a business one day, you will have to make a self hosted blog.

      My advice, when you feel like you wanna rocket your blog to the stars, move it to self hosted blog and just go for it!

  25. I started a new blog on Feb 3rd 2011 and my rolling 30 day unique hits passed 500 yesterday which was nice. My goal is to get 100 unique visitors in a 30 day span with in 2 months. Wish me luck.

    I think I fall in to the group mentioned in point 1 that learn as they go but I feel i am learning. experimanting and getting an A for winging it until i find something that really works.

    I just started commenting on blogs and have not noticed much of a difference but i am sure with consistency that will come.

    I just started a twitter campaign a couple days ago and it seems to be working. by #2 building relationships.

    i am always honest – my first guest post was on a top 20k site about Facebook and it being SECURE it got a lot of links because every one thinks fb is not secure.

    as far as SEO i am currently trying for the main keyword plus a couple long tails per article but you make a good point about just going after the long tail/smaller keyword in the beginning. I am going to try that with my next post.

    • Hey, Eric, definitely keeping my fingers crossed for those numbers you are after!

      I just want to give you a small pointer about SEO, you don’t have to take it of course. Try to have one main keyword you focus on in one post. Don’t make it your main keyword.

      Your main keyword is something you will ranks for the hardest and should be left for later. Try to rank posts with long tails or less general words and make one keyword the focus of your SEO.

      Don’t try to rank one post for more words. They will eventually be picked up for more words but the easiest thing to rank for are one-keyword-based-posts.

      • so what you are saying is i should not try to optimize my site for a key word rather optimize each post for ONE key word.

        the keyword i am going after for my posts should should not be the key word that is searched 20 million times a month but the smaller ones that are searched a couple hundred times a month?

        and i am assuming going after the smaller key words will get ranked high as my blog is new.

        based on a lot of small key words being ranked high my blog as a whole will also rank higher?

        • Something like that. You should not optimize many posts for one word and many words for one post.

          The best thing is to write a quality, informative post based on one keyword. Do some SEO on page and that is a great start.

          Let me give you an example. Lets say you want to rank your whole blog for “digital camera”. That is your main keyword. It will go through most of your posts naturally.

          But your posts will be optimized for single keywords like (I am guessing):
          Canon 300 digital camera
          Spare parts for Canon 300
          Battery life for Sony camera…

          Ranking single post for a single keyword like that (single keyword can be made out of more words) will “pull up” your blog and hence eventually pull up the home page with “digital camera” as a main focus.

          Of course you will optimize the home page as well, but at the beginning you should definitely focus on ranking single posts. You will come up in results easier and sooner.

          Hope you are getting me? If not shoot me an e-mail.

          • I think i understand. Instead of going after the main key word and a couple smaller key words per post like i was doing go after one small key word per post and eventually i will rank for similar small key words like you said above.

            I actually noticed this for a post i did on how to create a yelp business account.

            the first day i was on the first page right under yelp them selves and with in a week i was on the first page for 15 or 20 key words.

            now it is ok to go through all my posts and re optimize right? the posts that did get to page one?

  26. @Eric,

    basically yes! First, do not touch the post that was on first page of Google :)

    You can go back and re-optimize the posts, but don’t change too much. Or just leave them alone and start optimizing from now on.

    You go it right. No matter what you optimize for, you will always be found for some extra words as well, but it is good to focus a page.

  27. Hi Brankica,
    I love your post so much. I need more tips and info from many bloggers just like you. I just begin my blog, and I need more info about good SEO, and how to get traffic. Moreover, I read an information from some forums that mentioned about Google updated the new algorithm, and because of it, many new blogs/sites difficult to get traffic. What do you think about it?

    • I would not worry about that. If your blog is new, it probably wasn’t affected. If you write unique content then it will not be affected.

      It was more of a problem for sites that were scraping and publishing articles that were not original.

      I attached one of my posts here, check when to use nofollow attribute to protect yourself from Google being mad at you (LOL) and you will be good!

  28. Jason Acidre says:

    These are some brilliant tips Brankica, given that it’s from your personal experiences. I as well believe that doing and putting what you’ve planned to do into action bring results. Building relationships sure has proven its worth when it comes to building an authority blog, and that’s what I mostly advice to people who consult to me. Anyways, discipline also plays a huge role when it comes to the blogging business, wherein you have to regularly update your blog and cultivate activity in your own community.

    • Exactly. Oh, and when it comes to updating your blog, most bloggers are “scared” they won’t have enough topics to write about.

      How about not writing for a week and write down every single idea you have. Read as many blogs as you can and see what they are missing. If that does not bring you at least 100 ideas, you should not be blogging (not you, an imaginary blogger, lol).

      If you are posting 3 times a week, that is more than 30 weeks worth of posts!

  29. What a buzz here, Brankica.

    And keep coming…

    Well Brankica, I was not flattering you. I am really interested in that method—who won’t with all the progress you have achieve—but maybe not at ‘that pace’.

    Also I wanted more details—of a real and striving person (‘I know’, a little, for her integrity), with that product, like you—not the company—and giving you the commission. Maybe you can write more about in your Site.

    One reason I do comments is to receive feedback about my English while practicing it. And I think I have to learn more before settle for such an excellent product—lately I have my finance ‘compromised’ so I have to be ‘conservative’.

    Certainly that system has to be stupendous and you are a proof of that; they certainly know how to use the goodness of western democracies of individual right to express such shared grow of genius—and opportunities for riches—I am seen around here… and as I said I what to know more, like I think others too.


    • Hey, I am always open for suggestions, and any topic you want to read on my blog, just send me a mail and suggest it. If it is something I don’t know about, I am gonna find someone that does and make him write a guest post for me, lol.

  30. Thanks for the 5 tips on how to make my blog take off. Your title caught my attention… I read it in my RSS feed. It’s refreshing to re-read the basics. It brings clarity in a world of hype and latest “secrets” to online success. Keep em coming.

    • Brian, glad you liked it.

      I talked to some of my friends and a lot of them were skipping these simple steps. I am the person that likes to be reminded of basics from time to time, so I was hoping this would help someone :)

  31. Brankica, hi! Let me also add some points. Well, I agree that you have mentioned some simple things but everything in our life is also simple, so is blogging. I mean, there nothing too special to succeed – everyone can but he or she has to wish it as Kiesha does and as we all are trying to do.

    • I agree, Anna,
      the wish for success has to be there. But just wishing, unfortunately does not help.

      There are so many things a person must do if he/she wants a successful blog. It all depends on what they consider success, but “write and they will come” is something that many proved wrong.

      No matter how much we wish, we still need to learn how to market our blogs and present them to people.

      But again, I agree with you, without a strong wish, nothing will be good enough and no success will come.

  32. I’ve got to where I am by doing mainly one thing and that is commenting on blogs. When I discovered what a gold mine this was I was everywhere commenting wherever I could. It didn’t matter to me whether the blog was dofollow or nofollow or even if it used commentluv. I wasn’t even thinking of the SEO value, for me it was all about traffic.

    And it worked too, but only because I left good comment’s, ones that intrigued people and they followed me back t my blog to see who this Sire bloke was and what he was all about. Some of those have become regulars and I regularly visit them. We’re like a family.

    I’m not much of a Twitter person and I know that’s something I have to work on. We’ll see how that goes.

    • Sire, I know what you mean by commenting like that. I did that at first, now I visit less blogs cause I am trying to do other things as well.

      Twitter is a great place, I think it is easiest to connect with people over there and then take it all to blogs and other social media.

      I love the feeling of the family you mention and consider you one of my family members in this sense :)

  33. Hi Brankica

    My only complaint with this post is I didn’t know you were guesting here….you kept it quiet gal ;-) Great advice and helpful tips here as always. I see lots of people I know here and I’m glad they are appreciating how helpful you are.

    Kudos to you Brankica. I can say from my own personal experience how much help I have received and am still receiving from you with my blogging journey.

    Looking forward to your post on more SEO tips,over at your blog soon.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • You will not believe me, but 5 minutes ago I was thinking about you and wanted to send you a tweet and ask you if you were alive after all the homework :)

      And was going to tell you about this post. Cause I was sure you didn’t see it, since you did not comment, lol.

      Patricia, thank you so much! Thanks for the comment and all the support! Oh, and be ready tomorrow for a SEO lesson, lol.

  34. Commenting has really helped me to build backlinks and bring traffic to my site. However, I try to comment on blog posts that I can relate to and not just make comments solely for my own personal gain.

    I’ve really grown to love blogging and the funny thing is I seem to have the most success and fun when I not focused on building this many backlinks per day or making this number of blog posts per day. I’ve made a simple routine for myself and it’s definitely been working, because my blog has made some good progress.

    By subscribing to many different blogs like this one, I’ve been able to gain great insight and information on how to become a better blogger. As a newbie; however I am still learning how to be smart when it comes to SEO.

    Great Tips!

    • Well, I hope I can help with SEO, tomorrow I will have a looong and detailed post up :) Hope you will come to check it out.

      I never fret about how many comments and posts would I write. If I can do it great, if not, never mind.

      My priority all the time is replying to all the e-mails I get from my visitors and replying to comments they make on my blog or guest posts :)

      • I will definitely be looking forward to your post. I’m headed over to your site to subscribe. I appreciate the fact that you provide a different outlook on blogging than what’s typically seen.

        Thanks for the reply.

  35. Hi, Brankica.

    I am at the tail end of things again. But, even so, I would still like to have my say and that is you are so dead on about everything, especially about the learning, the blog commenting and the honesty. I am a newbie when it comes to the commenting, but what I love what I am doing so far. It has opened my eyes to a whole new level of inter-relationships and learning.

    Following blogs has made me learn new things everyday. You and Keisha might be one of the most recent ones that I’ve subscribed to, but already, you have become favorites.

    • I am so glad to hear that we are one of the favorites. Any time I hear something like that, I try to do even better.

      I hope to keep you as a returning reader for awhile :)

      Commenting is addictive… at least for me. I caught myself commenting all day long one day. And it was because I read so many great blogs that day.

      But it is probably one of the best, if not the best way to connect with more people.

  36. Hi Brankica,

    My favourite point and also my priority is “you do your SEO good”..

    In my opinion, if this is not done properly, others won’t work like we want.

    SEO is the most important to promote our blogs, because blogs commenting and other methods need so much time, and we can’t always do it regularly, unless we have lots of “spare” time.

    But with SEO; if it is properly done, people will know our blogs via search engines, without us, doing commentings much.


    • Kimi, could not agree more. Search engine traffic is mostly constant and if you keep updating your blog with good stuff, it will only grow.

      Commenting and all other stuff is great, but if you take a month off, no one will come and visit cause they will forget about you :)

  37. Maketta says:

    Hello Branicka,

    I really enjoyed reading this post. These are 5 very important rules. One of my favorite bloggers Lynn Terry also wrote a blog post about the importance of learning and doing. It is so easy to get lost in the online world. With so much information coming at you constantly, but you definitely have to apply what you learn.

    • You could not have said it better. When I first started I used to try everything right away. Now I so one thing at the time, so I can actually get things done, lol

  38. Love this. Some of the tips seem so obvious that you don’t even realize you’re not actually doing them. Or at least doing them the right way. I especially agree with the note about building relationships. I’m a pretty new blogger and most of my feedback so far has come from my personal friends. The next logical step is that I need to make more “friends” aka online connections. From there, word of mouth becomes a huge factor to building traffic.

    • Totally right.

      You know, when my blog starting moving up Alexa fast, everyone was asking me “what did you do”. And like I said in the post – I didn’t do anything special. Except I DID stuff, lol. If that makes sense.

      I think Twitter is the easiest place to start connecting. If you need any help with it, just ask :)

  39. HI Branicka

    thanks for the tips :D
    infact i had a little problem in the point of building relations with Bloggers

    i use twitter , i post alot of stuff but twitter is not the best place to start a Conv, so nothing came up to Break the ICE between me and the Bloggers

    so could you please Give me a Hint how to introduce to other Bloggers and how to Break the ICE with them

    thanks alot :)

    • Twitter is a great place to start a conversation.

      Here is an example. I get more and more followers each day and I see some of them are bots and some are people. I never automatically follow back. If I recognize the person, that is the only time I will follow back straight away.

      But there is one fault in my approach. I miss great people.

      So when someone starts following me because they really want to stay in touch, I would love if they showed me they are human, say hi, say why they started following, etc.

      Does this answer your question?

      You don’t need a reason to start talking to people on Twitter. RT a few good posts by the blogger you want to connect and start from there.

  40. Thanks for the steps because I’m new at blogging. Day by day I’m growing a passion for blogging and I’m going to make sure that I use the most out of what all bloggers have to say

  41. I can’t disagree with whatever you’ve written as the best method of blogging and being successful as a blogger. But when we are advising novice bloggers most of us often skip to mention that there should be something of value for what the world is happy to read.

    I don’t know why and what I wrote in my latest post, I guess I will be criticized badly, but I hope I am hones to write all that. (I could not select the recent post as commentLuv has not yet updated my RSS).

    Thank you Brainkica for this wonderful post. I just wished to draw the attention upon the topic on which to blog on.

    • Hey Suresh, thanks so much for the comment. I agree that everyone needs to write about stuff that adds value, how else will people keep coming back :)

  42. I have read about these tips over and over again and I haven’t been doing 2 of these. Namely, commenting and posting on twitter or other social networks.

    Thanks for the article. I will try these tips out as soon as possible. I’m quite new to blogging and I just discovered this blog through Technorati. It grabbed my interest, and now it’s got me following. :)

  43. Nice article Brankica. Well thought out. When people are authentic and follow their passion, this is very inspiring and certainly does attract an audience with similar interests. When blogging, it is important to write about something you know about and/or have a passion for.

    • Hey Cheryl, thanks so much for the comment. I could not agree more.

      I have ran into very profitable niches several times, that would make me very nice money, but when I thought about writing about it every single day, I just could not see myself doing it.

  44. All of these points made a lot of sense and reading everyone’s comments it seems like everyone is one the same page on agreement. I’ve been blogging a little over a year now and I just have a few google ads on the site, I just don’t know what else to do. Just frustrated. I may be going at this the wrong way. Help :(

    • You mean what to do about making money of your blog? There are so many ideas and ways you can do it. Hop over to my blog, send me an e-mail and I will write something down for you.

  45. 5 things to post and none of them was “Write consistently good content.” Interesting.

    • Well, there are reasons for it.

      First, I think my content is good and I try not to post bad articles so I didn’t have to work on that issue.

      Second, it is a given that your blog can not be successful without good content.

      And third, content is not always the king. “You write and they will come” does not apply anymore.

      Forth, sometimes, it isn’t even the good content, it is who you know.

      Obviously, since my blog took off very nicely, I had good content, cause these 5 things would not help as much if people didn’t have anything good to read over there :)

  46. MaddBoxx says:

    I did read your article and it has some great tips, but I guess my biggest issue is finding other bloggers who write about the content I write about my NICHE, it is a rather controversial and somewhat illegal in most parts of the country; AND to top it off most blogs that cycle through when the “next” button is pressed on blogger, are christian blogs and of religious nature. I did decide to diversify my content a little and add technology in the mix, considering I would like that to be a part of my blog and audience as well. I guess what I’m trying to ask is where can I find people interested in my niche if its so controversial? Thank you for your time.

    • I think I know what you mean but this only means you have your target market set. Those are people from countries that still use all that illegal stuff and you need to get to them.

      If you can’t connect with other bloggers because of your topic, you can always do SEO to get ranked in Search engines so your target market would find you, join forums and try to get more people to hear about you through Facebook and Twitter.

  47. Excellent post. I know people talk about SEO being important, but I’m still trying to grasp how it all works.

    For me it’s one thing to have an idea of what to post and it’s another for me to get creative with what keywords I’m going to use in the post. My thesaurus skills are terrible! I can never think of how to choose different words other than what I was intending on using in the first place.

    • I actually think of a thing I want to write about and find a suitable keyword (if I am gonna SEO it at all). Then I write what I originally wanted to write and use that exact word to explain the topic. It isn’t hard once you start writing more like that.

  48. Thanks that was good. #5 I did not know. But I am kinda feeling I have taken myself as far as I can with the knowledge I have and that it is time to pay someone to help me. But at least I did find a new tip from you I can implement. Thank you!


  49. Superb article describing exactly what needs to be done in order to have a successful blog. To many people get into blogging just for the money and most of them fail because if they don’t see the results right away they just give up. Blogging is for genuine people who want to help others, everyone else should try doing something else online, there are more then enough opportunities to go around.

  50. Hi Brankica

    You are just all over the Internet :-D
    Very nice to hear what you have done to improve your traffic. I must admit that it look like you have done a great job.

  51. Just wanted to say I enjoyed the article. I’ve been blogging for over two years now and am experiencing slow but steady growth at my current Japan-related. Blogs always looking for new ways to attract more readers, and really do enjoy reading posts like this one. Keep up the good work!

  52. I have found that adding in guest posts and doing article marketing have helped me get additional exposure.

    However your list is very good.

    Nice post.

  53. John Brady says:

    Thank you for this article. More than anything what I took away from it was to stay on target and write from the heart, which is what I’m doing.

    Now the question will be: can I really provide something of value that people will use?

  54. Thanks for some good information. I’m new to blogging and just getting my site going so this is timely info for me to help build some traffic.


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    5 Things I Did to Make My Blog Take Off…

    Guest post by Brankica I don’t need to say that I know all of you reading this blog love Kiesha. First post of hers I have ever read, got me hooked enough that I never left….

  2. SERPD says:

    5 Things I Did to Make My Blog Take Off…

    The main question I get asked a lot is how my blog moved forward so fast. When I sit down to think about it, I don’t think I did anything special. I followed some basic rules and it worked….

  3. BizSugar.com says:

    5 Things I did to promote my blog…

    The main question I get asked a lot is how my blog moved forward so fast. When I sit down to think about it, I don’t think I did anything special. I followed some basic rules and it worked….

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