How To Know When to Trash a Blog Post

Trash Kills Crabs
I’ve done a few posts on how to come up with blog post ideas. It’s not easy thinking of topics. At least a few times a month I come up with what I think is a brilliant idea only to start writing it and realize it’s total crap.

I think this is my third attempt at a blog post topic for this week and I’m not even sure it’s going to work. It’s not until I’m around half way through that I usually know whether or not it’s a keeper.

My first topic was too stupid to even admit. My second topic I thought had some potential, but I just wasn’t sure where to go with it. Here is as far as I got with this post:


How Would You Advertise Your Blog?

Most blogs don’t go for traditional advertising to drive traffic. A billboard or radio ad or Academy Award commercial spot is most likely out of the budget. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about how you would go about such a task.

Should you ever have some free time (because it’s so frequent for a blogger) think about what your advertisement would be and where you would release it. The answers may help you learn more about your blog and what your strengths are.

For example, what image would you use to


And that was as far as I got. I couldn’t think of any good examples to share. And while I still think there is some merit to this idea, I don’t know how to flush it out. Perhaps you can help me in the comment section. Or else you can tell me I was right to trash it and it’s a total toilet of a post.

When deciding if I’m going to trash a post, I try to give myself an honest opinion on if it’s a post that I would want to read. Is it unique? I try to make sure they add value and aren’t just out there in the blogosphere hanging out and helping nobody.

When you’re writing a post and you’re not sure whether it’s any good, that means it probably isn’t. If you’re writing a post and you get half way through without any idea of how to finish it, that’s probably not a great sign either.

However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be salvaged. It just means for this time and place, it’s better to move on. All these half-done blogs can be revisited at a later date and time. Sometimes just a bit of fresh perspective can help turn trash into treasure.

Do you ever trash posts? Do you revisit them later? Or if you’ve already put time and effort into something do you go with it until the very end?

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  1. When I sit down to write a post for my blog.. I dont know how but it automatically comes to me if the post is going good or not… I dump the post as soon as I lose my interest in it… there are many articles unattended in my drafts(which I am soon going to delete) because I think they won’t turn out to be good..

  2. When I am writing a blog post and it doesn’t come fluently, already doubting about the words when I type them, I know it’s gonna be a blog post I will thrash. Usually it’s the entire post i delete.

    Sometimes one has a paragraph that seems to be of a higher quality then the rest one has written. Then i try to write a blog post with that paragraph as intro of the blog post. It doesn’t work always but, until now, I have 50% chance that I succeed in creating a blog post i am satisfied with.

    To end I admit that I have thrown more writing in the thrash then i have posted on my blog. I am my worst judge when it comes to decide what is good or bad.

  3. I usually try to conceptualize what I am trying to convey. Then, I write a headline. At this point, I know if the post is a go or no go.

    Seldom, a post is trashed. At times, I leave a post in the “idea bin” and I come back later to see if there’s anything I can improve.

  4. LOL, I know the feeling. I usually keep them in my drafts folder or on my phone’s notepad and go back to it and edit every so often.

  5. Well it has happened with me various a times, I am just writing a post for my blog and my theme and point of view varies just like anything. That moment i just see a single option TRASH.

  6. The hardest thing for me about writing a blog is the blog post. I need to be a little more creative.

  7. Hey Rebecca,

    Thanks for sharing your struggles with us here at WeBlogBetter!

    I have been in your position oh so many times. I start on a post that I think is going to be a real banger only to find out I don’t like it what so ever.

    Then, I’m back to the drawing board. I think the best thing to do when you can’t get a post to come out the way you want is to take a break from that one. You don’t have to trash them in my opinion.

    Who knows maybe the nest week, or even few weeks down the road you know excatly how to add that magical touch too it.

    Shoot, that might even be the post that goes viral and sends you a ton of traffic. Personally, I never trash my articles. I plently of shoes boxes to fill up before that happens. ( :

    Next time you can get your thoughts out as clearly as you’d like to finish an article try working on a new one. Start it and see how far you go with that one, because you will be boosting your productivity. Instead of lowering it buy throwing your previous article away only waisting the time you spent on it.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks again!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

  8. I try to never throw anything anyway. If its not coming out as well as i hoped then i would take it to an article directory.

    Make the most of everything, i hate the idea of wasting any time.

  9. I rarely trash a post. And, I rarely do start a post. So it is highly unlikely for me that I get stuck up half way because I never start a post unless I have the outline.

    But very rarely I do get stuck up, but I don’t trash those posts. I revisit them in a week or so, with fresh mind. And it always have worked for me that I could finish those posts with fresh thoughts and new ideas.


  10. Hi Rebecca,

    I hardly trash my rubbish posts. I revisit them later for some improvements or submit them to article directories.

    Thanks for sharing this – many bloggers can so relate :)

    All the best,

  11. Hey Rebecca,

    It’s great to be able to get a behind the scenes look at the process and the different attempts you made before you made the decision that the post you’re writing is a keeper.

    I sometimes find myself doing 2 or 4 attempts until I finally decide it’s no good. I agree with your point that if you’re not sure if the post your writing is any good, then it probably isn’t. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hello Rebecca,

    I am not sure that trashing a blog post is the answer, although it may not bring any value to your blog, you can just leave it there, because you never know when the inspiration comes and you can edit it and revamped in such a way that it would be useful for many, and because you have the post for a long time and it might have gained some authority in the search engines and also it aged just sitting on your blog, then you can rank it higher in SERPs easier.

  13. majority of the times, i never trash my posts..
    even if reading it again and again does not make me feel good, i try to finetune the contents and my ideas

  14. I started writing blogs 5 years ago and never did I trash any of my posts. I found it very funny every time I check out my old posts reading how bad my writing is or my grammar and how much I improved over the years or did I.

  15. I hate when this happens, Rebecca. You get jazzed about a great idea and it just falls apart somewhere midway through the post.

    I don’t delete posts like this right away. I leave them as draft post and try to pick them back up with a fresh pair of eyes over the next few weeks.

    If they become more than a month old then I’ll delete the draft, and hope the inspiration strikes me again.

  16. Thanks for sharing your personal experience and practice.
    I always review a post before publishing and if it is not worth publishing then never publish it. Moreover I have deleted some posts after publishing when I receive bad comments from visitors.

  17. This a very informative article. Keep on posting!

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