How One Simple Question Can Change the Course of Your Blog

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I would like to present a new philosophy that I think everyone in the world who runs a blog or a business should adopt in 2011.

This idea is simple but revolutionary.  Today, I’d like to share it with you because I think it applies to so many parts of life.  It applies to how all business owners (and many blogs are businesses) should think about everything they do for their business.

Here’s the idea:

Always start with the end point in mind.

I just blew your mind, didn’t I? Maybe not. Maybe you’re thinking: what in the world is this crazy lady talking about? Of course I start with an end point in mind.

I bet you don’t. I bet you don’t consciously sit down and think about what you want your end goal to be when you start a task. You may have a fuzzy picture in the back of your mind, but it’s certainly not in HD.

How does this apply to your blog?

Every post you write should have an end goal in mind. And it’s not just to have people read it. You have to go deeper than that. If you’re writing a post on wordpress themes, perhaps your end goal is to educate wordpress virgins. That is much different than trying to sell your own wordpress theme through the blog post.  Knowing this information is going to shape your message of the post.  It has power.

Maybe you decide the end goal of a post is to get new readers. How are you going to accomplish that? Most people would just write a post and hope new people came. But if you’re conscious of that goal, then you can put strategies into place.

Perhaps you decide to write about a topic that is new to your blog, enticing new people who wouldn’t normally visit but are intrigued by your brand new topic. Maybe you focus much more energy on SEO, hoping it will naturally bring readers. Maybe you decide to write a post on your expertise and then farm it out as a guest post as a way to expand your reach, instead of posting it on your blog.

Here is a real life example of how I use this philosophy in my every day working life:

As a copywriter, this philosophy makes me better at my job.

If I am hired to write a brochure, I always have a conversation with my client and take down all the facts about the product. What is it? How is it made? What does it do? But there is one question I never fail to ask, and one that often shapes how I write the brochure. What is the end goal of this project?

You would be surprised how many times it’s not, “to sell my product”. Instead, I hear “to get my name out there. To up my branding. To show that this particular service is important to my company”.

Knowing exactly what the client wants to accomplish lets me write the brochure specifically to that goal. That way the end product makes my client happy and then that makes me happy.

Are you going to try putting this new way of thinking into place? Do you think it’s as helpful and revolutionary as I do? Do you already employ it?

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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I am blown to read from the word 1 until the end LOL.

    Marvellous post, i am sure i haven’t done that with my post.

    So far, when i create a post, my first goal is, how to make this post to be found by people, and then money, and then subscriber..greedy lol

    But that’s what i am doing so far, of course i am not always succesful to achieve all of those.

    Still learning..thanks for your valuable post.


  2. It’s one of the simple things that makes so much sense once you read it. Thanks for making me think in the new direction.

    Though, there is a thing that comes to mind and makes all this a bit more complicated. We usually don’t have just one goal per project (be it just a single blog post or something much bigger), and then we enter the game of making different goals work together which is not always an easy task.

    • Hi Dandellion,

      I think one of the hardest parts of subscribing to this philosophy is trying to stick to one goal and working toward it. I always pick the most important goal, and that’s the one I concentrate on. Most of the time, other goals are reached in the peripheral.

      Hope this helps!


  3. Rebecca – I think this is a very effective strategy and I have found myself using it even without trying. It is definitely important to have an end goal for anything you do in order to have a clear action plan in place to accomplish what it is you truly want to accomplish.

    However, starting with the end point in mind is something that will take some practice but after a while it should be very easy for you to determine the end goal you desire for every task you do. Great tip, and this is something I plan on doing more myself in 2011.

  4. Hi Rebecca,
    This is a very interesting post. Most of us start to do something because we have goals to achieve. However, in the process, we tend to lose our way. This post reminds us to stay focused until we reach our goals.
    Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!

  5. I’d like to think that I work with the end in mind, but maybe “in mind” isn’t enough.

    Writing it down would seem to be much more effective, as it is with so many other things in our lives.

  6. I found that generally the more time I spend on a project and the more asking questions I ask, the better the end result will be.
    It is better to get more details about a project than to less, because this is what you are getting paid for, turning the details into a plan that satisfies the client.

  7. Great post Rebecca –

    So often, I’m approached by writers who say, “I’m blogging about this and that as it occurs to me, and I hope it makes money!” And that’s about all the thinking they’ve done about it.

    You want to blog –why? What do you really hope your blog will accomplish? What do you want this post to do? Who is your audience?

    More thought up front about why you’re bothering — rather than writing an article query or in your diary or whatever else — definitely yields better results.

    Now…answer my email, woman! And let’s get together…

  8. Hi Rebecca

    I like it :-) Knowing the end from the beginning. When I did a small biz management course in 2010 we had to do that with each of our biz plan goals.

    It is an excellent way to stay on track and know the direction to be taken. Thanks for sharing. It’s a good reminder as I head into 2011 and examine my goals I have put out there.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  9. It’s useful to always bear in mind the purpose of your work, because if you doesn’t you run the risk of doing it wrong and also losing valuable time.

  10. The question is itseld a great idea to have some change the course of the blog, In begining if this idea put in action then it must be valuable at the end point as it is seen.

  11. Great post Rebecca!
    I really like that line about the end result being not being in HD!
    Great analogy girl.
    Stumbled, tweeted and shared :)

    Thanks Kiesha for sharing

  12. That’s an interesting way to go about your projects. I guess you have something there. Many times, writers/bloggers have difficulty expressing themselves in their posts because all they have in their mind is a starting thought. Perhaps creating with an end in mind will definitely create a major difference.

  13. thanks for share information

  14. If you have followed the same procedure(Always start with the end point in mind.) then did you get the same result which you have imagined?

  15. Hi Rebecca,
    What a great idea to reach our goals. Like you have said you will achieve other goals in the process.
    Like Alex i love the not seeing it in HD.
    How true. Lots of fuzzy images, nothing to clear.

  16. I think for everything we do or choose in life or in blogging, a question may change the course because you may get enlightened at the same time it may even change your mind.

  17. I have only done one guest post, but I plan on doing many more. I do like the idea of having someone guest post. I had a writer contact me about guest posting at my blog. She did guest post.

  18. You have the right philosophy. Actually it is good idea from you that you have to consider the end point of your mind I was supposed thinking of it deeply. Thanks for sharing your philosophy and it really means a lot to me..

  19. Hi Rebecca, this is a fantastic idea… Not everybody is thinking this way, admittedly this is not also my strategy. But reading this post make me realize that you are right! Thank you, this serve as an eye opener to me.

  20. Keri Deleon says:

    Thanks for sharing your philosophy and it really means a lot to me.. I have only done one guest post, but I plan on doing many more. Great analogy girl. I had a writer contact me about guest posting at my blog.

  21. Nice! That’s a really interesting strategy. You’ve got my mind turning haha.

  22. great article for newbies like me

  23. so what are the new ways to attract traffic to blog ?

  24. And hey what is comment love ???


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