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There are some blogs that have such a strong brand that all it takes is one glance at their logo and already, you know exactly where you are.  Take , for instance – who in the blogging niche doesn’t recognize that?

Getting your logo to be just as sticky in the minds of your readers doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.

Cafepress is not just a site where you can find funny t-shirts and cool coffee mugs, but it’s actually a site that allows you to brand items quickly and easily.

You can go on to sell customized items or you can give them away as contest prizes.  It’s a great way to get offline exposure to your blog in unconventional ways.

Before I started blogging I had no clue why drug companies and other businesses used to give away free pens.  I know now, that they did that to keep their name fresh in your mind, because there is power in branding.

When a company has a strong logo and a consistent look, people get used to seeing it and begin to associate the logo with the product or service.  I used to wonder how my preschooler who can’t read yet, instantly yells out McDonald’s when he see the golden arches and how he knows the difference between the real Transformers and some off-brand toy that does the same thing – it’s because those companies have a strong brand.

So you’re probably wondering how you can do the same.

Develop a Consistent Look

The first thing is to develop a consistent look and spread it everywhere you go.  If you’re one of those people who likes to change their profile pics every time they change clothes, this isn’t going to work.  Why?  Because despite how similar you think you look in each picture, there are slight differences that to someone else makes you look like a whole new person. So avoid swapping pictures every week and be sure to use the same one all of the social networks you’re active on.

Find a profile picture you like and then stick with it.

Get a Logo

Next, get a logo – even if it’s just a specific font you’ve chosen for your site – repeat the same fonts and colors.  If you do this enough, people will begin to associate that logo, or those colors and fonts with your blog.

It doesn’t have to be super intuitive; doesn’t have to hold some subliminal message.  In fact, it can be quite simple (take a look at The Oatmeal Comics, their logo is a simple cartoon face with funny eyes.)

Brand Some Products

When you’re ready to show the world that you and your blog are here to stay, you might want to consider customizing some products such as key chains, coffee mugs, mouse pads, and pens, etc – or whatever items tie in well with your niche.

Michelle, at Loving From a Distance, had some cool bracelets customized to match her blog – they are now very popular symbols of love that couples wear when they are apart.  It’s amazing how something so simple can strengthen your brand and generate a little extra revenue.

I played around and customized a few items that I’m thinking about offering to readers.  I’d love to hear your feedback about which item you like the best.

Which will it be, the coffee mug or the notebook and why?  Tell me about it in the comments section – it just might influence my decision… :)

About Linda Hewett

Linda is a writer, blogger and confidence coach.
Her blog is Positive Spin – Helping You Face Life Full On without Fear – And Feel Great About It!

In her blog, Linda looks for the ‘positive spin’ in our daily lives and encourages you to look for the ‘small stuff’ that’s easy to miss, or even dismiss.She believes that confidence comes in many disguises. All you have to do is…look.
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  1. When I first started reading it sounded a little like you were trying to sell me something on CafePress so I was suspicious. I have never thought of offering something from Cafepress as a giveaway though, that’s a great idea.

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Josh,
      Sorry I got your Spidey Senses tingling… But people love to get these items in giveaways. A couple of years ago, I won a metal notebook from one of my favorite sites and I cherish it to this day.

  2. Hi Kiesha

    I don’t know cafepress so will now check them out. I like the notepad cos I live in Oz and it would cost too much to send me a mug lol.

    Also for some reason I’ve never liked the idea of branded coffee mugs. Maybe cos I’ve got some really nice ones I use for visitors when they call and probably it would just sit in a cupboard and not be seen :-(

    Branding is important and when I opened my etsy store this week that was one of the things the web guy said who was setting it up. He made sure my blog logo was on my store front so my readers know it’s my store when they shop there.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  3. The notebook, because all bloggers need to carry an ideas notebook with them. What better one to carry than one with We Blog Better on it ;-)

  4. I vote for the notebook, as I have several to keep track of all my ideas, goals, and nuggets of learning!

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Marci,
      Thanks for your input – I think the notebook is the more logical choice… but I do love a nice coffee mug. Decisions…decisions :)

  5. Hey Kiesha, I’m really starting to like the mug. I have more notebooks than I know what to do with, but I could use a cute mug for my desk at work. Thanks for the info about Cafepress.

  6. Definitely the notebook. I get my blog post ideas at random times, and not only is your blog name inspirational, it reminds me of you guys as a resource for better writing.

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Lauren,
      Thank you! That’s exactly the type of association I want people to make with the WeBlogBetter brand. Now you’ve got me excited! :)

  7. I really need to take my brand to the next level. I have branded my car with the dojo design logo, but some mugs and pencils might get the brand out there more.

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Ramona,
      It won’t hurt to experiment and see what works best for you and your blog – you might be surprised by the success :)

  8. That cup and the diary looks really attractive. There can be so many ways to brand a domain if you make a list, many bloggers get a t shirt with their domain printed on it, its a nice idea. But it obviously needs some investment which is pretty ok when you reach that level of branding a domain, so that is an important point, i don’t think branding a website can come free.

  9. I vote for notebook as I get inspiration from it.

  10. Indeed getting a logo for your site is very important, in this way you’ll be much easier recognized. Thanks for this grate tips.

  11. I will go for the coffee mug because anyone will use it, even dough they wont drink coffee they might drink something else with it, while a notebook can be cool at first but after some time it will be left aside or it will be full and it wont have any further use.

    Your post is right on the spot, a top 500 forbes millionaire once said: “Build a brand and that brand will sell” and I incline to believe him :)

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Alex,
      I’m loving the picture of this adorable baby! (I know it’s random, but I’ve been meaning to tell you that.) Anyway, you’re right about the coffee mug, I might have to do both.

  12. The notebook. I have a million coffee cups already, and because I’m a hermit, I’m the only one who sees them. But, all creative genious’s carry around a notebook. That would go out in public and be always at hand.

    The notebook is definately more appealing to me.

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Allan,
      Sounds like the notebook is winning… I agree with you though. I’m always looking for unique notebooks – this could be the one. :)

  13. Isabel Rodrigues - Pro Blogger Journey says:

    My vote goes to notebook too. I have plenty of mugs so a notepad more preferable ;)

  14. Hi Kiesha,

    You are totally right that changes in the profile pictures might make someone unrecognisable. Even though my avatar is kinda outdated I’m not thinking of changing it. To me it sounds like changing the logo of a well established site – sometimes changes on that paragraph might be for the better, but it often turns the other way around – everything can be ruined by that change.

    Other than that I’m for the notebook. It has turned out pretty well with that color combination.

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Daniel,
      I’ve had my Avatar for a while, too – but there’s too much risk in changing it now. I’m glad I picked a good photo – I took it on my birthday a few years ago and it’s one of my favorite pictures of myself.

  15. I like them both Kiesha, but I think I like the notebook better because the notebook may get more use.

    • Kiesha Easley says:

      Hi Lisa!
      It’s always an honor to see you here! You know… I think I’m leaning towards the notebook, too, but I might have to give in and do both since there are a few who seem to like the mug. Go figure… :)

  16. Kiesha Easley says:

    Hi Rahul,
    Glad you found this post to be helpful :)

  17. i recently read about this in crazy eggs , where neil patel and hi guest bloggers suggested that getting a brand name is easy with some good logo designs from 99desigs for some 100$ and next 150 -200 $ on theme customization like thesis ..

  18. The mug and notebook both look great and I’m sure either would be popular! Thanks for the heads up about CafePress, too.

    But I could’ve done without the cow-branding image. :(

  19. Hi Kiesha,

    Excellent. As you say about the profile picture, the same thing applies to blog design. There are some people who change their blog background colors and images every month. This will also ruin their branding.

    With the products, I opt for the mug, since I have a lot of notebooks already. And the coffee mug is as equally important to a blogger as an idea notebook ;)


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