5 blogging niche ideas you should run from

You’re a jack of all trades. You’ve got tons of hobbies and plenty information that you’d like to share with the world – so why not start a blog? Of course, it sounds like a brilliant idea.

You’re ambitious so you make a list of all the niches you know a little bit about and before you know it, your list is so long, you don’t know where to start. You decide that maybe you should cross a few off, but which ones? You don’t want to miss out on making some great Adsense revenue – if you choose the wrong one, you could set yourself failure. What to do? What to do?

Here’s what you can do:

Stop and realistically think about which blog niche topic you know more than “a little bit” about. Stay away from topics you aren’t willing to immerse yourself in. And run, don’t walk away from those you can’t credibly present yourself as an authority in.

Here’s some examples of blog niches to cross off your list:

1. Weight Loss niche. If you’re like me, and are a little on the curvacious side, stay away from the weight loss niche.

Unless: you’re ready to do a journal-type blog that reveals your real weight and real progress – don’t do it. Acai Berries might be a good income generator, but they don’t work as well as their affiliates say they do (don’t ask me how I know…) – Don’t jump into this niche if you aren’t a serious weight loss expert with the credentials to back you up. Otherwise, you’re on the road to Scam-spam-city. Cross it off your list.

2. The Make-money Online niche is another one to run away from – I’m not even going to touch this one except to say – if you haven’t made any money online, cross it out.

3. The Photograph or picture niche. If you don’t even own your own camera. Or if you do own a camera, but for whatever reason, everyone in your pictures appear headless, you might want to rethink this one. These sites need lots of high quality pictures, if you don’t have the time to travel; or models to pose in various backgrounds and scenarios – just let this one go.

4. Gardening niche - if your thumb isn’t green – skip it. If every plant you’ve ever owned turned brown (that means it’s dead), no amount of HGTV watching is going to help you become an expert in this area.

5. Personal finances niche - if you’re constantly trying to weasel out of overdraft fees, you might want to consider a different niche. If you think Budget is the name of a hotel, please don’t attempt. There are too many innocent people you could harm with this one.

Yeah, you were probably hoping for some super-techie formula for picking a profitable niche. Some type of new keyword analysis, or something? Sorry to disappoint, but I hope you get the point here – if you really don’t practice what you blog about, why should people be forced to listen to you? Blogs are supposed to be beneficial to its readers. How can you benefit anyone when you clearly don’t know what you’re doing?

On the other hand, there are very unique talented people who really could benefit others by sharing their knowledge. Instead of looking at what’s popular and what makes the most money, consider the talents and gifts you already have; hobbies you already enjoy – those are areas where you can enrich the blogosphere with valuable content.

What are some other popular niches you can add to this list? Who should avoid them and why?

Image: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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About Linda Hewett

Linda is a writer, blogger and confidence coach.
Her blog is Positive Spin – Helping You Face Life Full On without Fear – And Feel Great About It!

In her blog, Linda looks for the ‘positive spin’ in our daily lives and encourages you to look for the ‘small stuff’ that’s easy to miss, or even dismiss.She believes that confidence comes in many disguises. All you have to do is…look.
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  1. I think what you are trying to say, is join the niche that you have experience in. People are always looking for an expert – and trust me, the weight loss niche is hard!
    .-= Tom | Build That List´s last blog ..The Aweber Code….And Why You Need To Promote It! =-.

  2. Great post..it catch MY eye because I’m a kind of blogger who run small niche blogs. I have experienced on it. But if you don’t want to be an authority in that niche you can still make money by running those niche.

    How? the answer is OUTSOURCE..

    • kieshaeasley says:

      Hi Fazreen,
      That’s a good idea if you can afford to do so and the costs are offset by your profits.
      I’m glad you mentioned that here. You’ll still have to have some knowledge to be sure the information is still accurate, applicable and current.

  3. I am really sick of all the MMO sites I see that the writer has obviously never made any money online and sticks a site up full of ads and affiliates.

    If you are not knowledgeable in the niche, you probably won’t do well….
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..Drooling On PageRank =-.

  4. This post brings both laughter and the shaking of the head. There are so many sites up that clearly telegraph the fact that there is a lack of experience in the topic covered.

    I’m with Keith, the MMO routine has become fools gold. You can make money a thousand ways, are they covering them all or just peddling some program? (no answer req’d)

    The important thing is to be authentic and cover something that you are both passionate about and have a good working knowledge of. You do not have to be an expert or Guru, just know more about the topic than most. Let people know what your experiences are and stop claiming these lofty titles, it is unnecessary.

    I am not an expert because I read 4 ebooks and listened to 20 hours of audio. Be real.

    There is a difference between being an authority and being THE authority. Recognize your limitations and work within that framework. People will respect you for that.
    .-= Jimi Jones´s last blog ..Branding Basics – The First Steps =-.

    • kieshaeasley says:

      I’m glad it made you laugh – I was hoping to lighten someone’s day with some humor. :)

      I think people will respect you if you present what you do know in the best possible way.

      Thanks for your insightful comments.

  5. Hi Kiesha,

    So true! We should find a niche that we are passionate about, then we will enjoy it more and be more likely to create awesome content.

    Well said!
    .-= Evelyn @ Natural Raw Living´s last blog ..How I Learned to Heal Cancer by Dr. Leonard Coldwell =-.

    • kieshaeasley says:

      Yeah, it doesn’t really even matter, whatever it is if you love it, you’ve found your niche.
      I think you’re a great fit for your niche. I don’t even eat a raw food diet, and yet you capture my attention and make me curious – now that’s skill! …no maybe that’s passion!

  6. Hi Keisha,


    I tend to agree with you. Each niche has become tired relatively quickly.

    As is always the case travelling off of the beaten path brings you to the goldmine.

    One thing to keep in mind: before you research a niche, discover your talents. Your blog theme must be in harmony with your innate skills or else you’ll be unhappy. You might be ‘successful’ – whatever that means for you – but you’ll be miserable because what you’re doing will feel like work.

    Blogging shouldn’t feel like work, at least if you plan on becoming a renowned blogger. It may take plenty of effort but effort and work are 2 very different things in my book.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.
    .-= Ryan´s last blog ..What Does A Cash Gifting Club Offer You? =-.

    • kieshaeasley says:

      Hi Ryan, thanks for the welcome. You make a great point – when you make use of your God-given talents and then blog about – that’s the stuff that makes a blog stand out from the rest.
      You’ve got to be able to put your heart into your blog – that’s the only thing that will differentiate it from the rest – you can’t do that will something you don’t love. Period.

  7. many people are led to believe that jumping into a niche that is lucrative and popular is the best way to go.that is what i call blogging suicide.you cant teach or talk about what you don’t know.you can for awhile but you will reveal your ignorance in the long run.better to stick with what we know..even if it is something we think is too small or less popular…
    the niches you mentioned are also very very competitive..great one Keisha
    .-= mk akan´s last blog ..VALENTINE DAY DROPS WITH A BUSINESS IDEA =-.

    • kieshaeasley says:

      Hi mk akan! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I like your term “blogging suicide” – because that’s what it feels like to attempt to write for niche that’s not your passion – I’ve done a lot of freelancing, so I know the feeling… :)

  8. I think it is very important to know and love the niche you are in. One reason is that, hopefully, you will be in that niche for many years. Building a business will take time so you want to get started in a niche that you will enjoy for years to come.

    I believe it’s when we use the gifts God has given us and combine them with the experience/knowledge we have acquired, that we will have a winning niche – as long as it is something people need and are willing to pay for. Make sure to do your research first.

    • kieshaeasley says:

      Hi Laurie,
      Yes, you are so right. I think if you use the gifts God gives, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will exceed, because He will see to it that it will – even our human eyes can’t see how.
      Thanks for stopping by. You might also enjoy Highly Favored, my Christian blog: http://highlyfavored.affiliateshelpdesk.com

  9. When a newbie ask me in which niche he should be blogging, then I inform him that start blogging on the niche which you have much knowledge and experience.

    So it is good to blogging within the niche of our favorite, because we can share our idea with people on the topic we like.
    .-= chandan´s last blog ..Advice and tips on work at home =-.

  10. Yep, you nailed those pretty well. I think the Weight Loss one is probably the hardest to break into, simply because there is so much competition and so much shady stuff going on.
    .-= SteveH´s last blog ..Lift Chairs: A Guide to What to Look For =-.

  11. I think that the answer to selecting your niche is dictated in great part by your purpose in wanting to blog. If you’re interested in blogging about a hobby, then blog about it. Even if its in a fool’s gold niche. If you’re interested in making money by blogging, then pick a niche in which you can make money.

    I remember seeing a 60 minutes interview with Will Smith, one of Hollywood’s highest grossing actors. He said, he wanted to make huge blockbuster films that earned a lot of money. So, he looked at the top 10 grossing movies at that time, 9 of 10 were special effects movies, 8 out of ten involved creatures, and 7 of then involved love stories. So, he decided his niche would be special effects movies, with creatures and love stories. Lo and behold, his breakout movie was Independence Day, which fit his targeted niche perfectly, and became the highest grossing movie at that time.

    Long story short, figure out where you want to go. And do a little research. Maybe the niche that will get you there will illuminate itself.

    • kieshaeasley says:

      Hi New York!
      Wow! You probably could have told me about what kind of toilet paper Will Smith uses and you would have had my attention, but to use him as an analogy for blogging…I’m blown away. I admire what he’s grown into – I’ve been a fan since “Parents just don’t understand” and “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” – but I digress.
      I’ve heard people say look at your “top competitors” and try to outshine them – but I like to think of it more like what you’ve said here – you see what the top notch bloggers are doing, but rather than viewing them as a competitor, check out what they’re doing and model that until you’ve gained enough knowledge to morph it into your own thing.
      Thanks for getting me hyped up about Will Smith! :)

  12. Wow, interesting. The diet and money sites are obvious, but the gardening site I would have never guessed.
    .-= Daryl James´s last blog ..Small Business Traps to Avoid =-.

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  14. Thanks for sharing such nice information. I almost enter two niche but from your article, it seems to me that entering to these niche will simply waste my time and nothing else. From now, I am going to target very easy niche to become the number one. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

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  16. I see that the writer has obviously never made any money online and sticks a site up full of ads and affiliates.

  17. Right. I’ve been to some weight-loss blogs, and I haven’t seen many genuinely loyal readers. Mostly just “hit and run” types of people and the worst, spammers. Loads of them. Same goes for photography niches. The potential of people being truly interested in them are not much, because the market is not that big either.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

  18. I was awaiting for such an article and I have gained some useful information from this site Thanks for sharing this information

    • You are right, I had started a weight loss blog even though I am trying to loss a few pounds myself and I just couldn’t stick with it because I don’t have to many of the answers. I did find my true niche and that is making money online. I have done quite a bit of that over the years so I am going for it.

  19. Weight loss and making money adds are so annoying and really quite ridiculous. When I see one of these on a site if I haven’t already found exactly what I am looking for I’m gone.

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  1. 5 blogging niche ideas you should run from…

    You’re a jack of all trades. You’ve got tons of hobbies and plenty information that you’d like to share with the world – so why not start a blog?…

  2. 5 blogging niche ideas you should run from…

    You’re ambitious so you make a list of all the niches you know a little bit about and before you know it, your list is so long, you don’t know where to start. You decide that maybe you should cross a few off, but which ones? You don’t want to miss out …

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