The Importance of Community Participation

2008 Appalachian Autumn 30

There’s a cool blog across the net written by a cool blogger named Lindsey Nobles, who wrote a cool blog post today about cultivating community. It’s a neat article about her discovery of the essence of web2.0, which happens to revolve around the idea of real community. Hold that thought…

There’s also a small store in Browning, Kentucky that is all boarded up now – has been for years. My grandparents ran it for a little while when I was a kid. I remember the soft serve ice cream, sliced balogna sandwiches, and the one lone gas pump that clicked a lot when you used it. And I remember how many people stopped in at the Browning Store on their way out of Bowling Green coming home from work. I remember the farmers stopping in during the daytime to grab a deli lunch.

Browning had the store, a Volunteer Fire Department, and a handful of churches. When I think of the word “community,” I go back to Browning. People dropped in on one another, supported each other, and helped each other out. They built homes and barns for each other. They gathered each year for the Browning Fair. It was my community.

Browning is a little different today. In fact, dotting the landscape of our nation are hundreds of such community stores, boarded up and closed forever. The idea of community hasn’t died though. It’s just shape-shifted. Now community has spread out geographically, but it still exists.

Sometimes friends ask me what I see in Twitter and Facebook. My answer? I see Browning. This is my community… one of them at least. You should really visit Lindsey’s blog to think a little more about how to be a part of your community.

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  1. Well said Brandon.
    .-= Design Informer´s last blog ..Why I Can’t Stop Blogging About Design =-.

  2. Very well said. I grew up in a town of 300 with only a single business. Part gas station, part deli, part bait shop. I still stop in every time I go there and I know exactly what your talking about.
    .-= Bill @ Edward Rayne´s last blog ..Introduction to Twitter =-.

  3. Thanks for sharing a link to my post. I love the imagery you provide here. This web 2.0 world really does feel like a small town to me. Especially how you keep bumping into the same folks…

  4. I love the picture you paint with your words because in my mind I see the community of, no laughing now, Ralph, Alabama. Just add to the general store, volunteer fire department and handful of churches a Post Office the size of most master bedroom closets, and you’ve got Ralph. That’s where I grew up (just outside Tuscaloosa – Roll Tide) and that’s what I think of when I hear the word “community”. As funny as it sounds that’s what my online community represents as well. I know so much about Franklin, TN, Henderson, NV, Anderson, SC and dozens of other places I’ve never even been. I feel my world growing smaller and closer because of Twitter, Facebook and numerous blogs and I believe God uses this community to grow me and teach me. Thanks for your insight. It feels like support (which we could probably all use more of)!
    .-= Cindy Graves´s last blog ..You Little Rascal, You! =-.

  5. I think community involvment is key to helping better our neighborhoods, schools, and society as a whole. The more we can do to find ways to engage the community and work together toward common goals for the betterment of everyone the better! I think we as bloggers can reach out furthur than from the chairs in front of our computers. We need to be active in local chamber of commerce events, community and charity events, etc. Let’s get creative and come up with some good ideas = )

    • Abison Malala Phala says:

      Hey Wayne that is very important but we must consider coming up with measures on how to engage stakeholders look also at the benefit and on how they are distributed among the stakeholders.

  6. on a bolg is is the second thing important is to share the information with other, to start discussion. in this way it can be expand the view of the bloggers. if he accept all comments, also the critical one, mean it’s open to change. at least that’s what I learned from IT consulting Tucson.

  7. Abison Malala Phala says:

    Participation place a major role in rural development as it provide opportunities to all community members to have a saying in the development that affect them, It also help in identifying the needs of the people and provide the service provide with imformation of what is needed it also makes it easier for them deliver service to the satisfiction of client and stakeholder s expectation.

  8. Mussa aman mwakisu says:

    It promote cooperation among the societies in a particular activities that are just doing such as irrigation schem, H E P project. Also is the root of unit when people are become a group and exchanging idear and get one aim what they should do inorder to archive the goals

  9. Mussa aman mwakisu says:

    Envorvement is the act of sharing in the activities of a group to others by told what happen or what would happen

  10. MR A.M. PHALA says:

    it is very important to refer to the idea of the textbook while undertaking development of communities but we must avoide fully depandend on the blue print model, Because it does not encourage participation and does not open a room for fresh ideas, Therefore while undertaking development project we must use the process model which ecourages participation and create a room for new mind.


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    The Importance of Community Participation…

    Some thoughts about how we should be building communities around our blogs….

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    The Importance of Community Participation…

    Thoughts about the power of participating in and building a community around a blog….

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