10 Week GamePlan for a Top 100k Blog


10-Week-CoverIncrease Alexa Rank and Blog Traffic

Take your blog from set-up to top 100k Alexa ranking in 10 weeks or less!

Your blog will never be the same again!  Increase blog traffic and get more exposure.  Follow the challenges and strategies the teams used during the Surviving the Blog contest and watch your ranking soar!

If you’re a new blogger or if you’ve been struggling to get your blog off the ground, this book has a gameplan that will show you how to promote your blog. Every week you’ll learn something new.

If you put what you learn into action, you’re sure to see immediate results.

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Learn How to Promote a Blog

This book will:

  • Teach you how to organize a team that will increase blog traffic, your reach and influence.
  • Take you through the weekly challenges that will help you improve and promote a blog.
  • Help you blog more efficiently and effectively.
  • Give you all of the information you need to build a solid foundation for your blog.

Overall, this book will teach you how to prioritize your time and focus on what’s most important.  You can stop clicking from site to site; from program to program and begin to focus on the tasks that will help you accomplish your goals.

Obviously, achieving a Top 100k ranking is not the end of a blogger’s journey – but, the work that it takes to get there will help you build a solid foundation for any blog.   The 10-Week Gameplan can get you there; where you go after that point is totally up to you.

Bonus Challenge:  Monetization

You’ll proceed through the same 9-Week challenges, just as the Surviving the Blog contestants did, but you’ll get a bonus!  During Week 10, you’ll learn how to monetize your blog and different ways to generate an income with your blog.

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What others are saying about it:

When Kiesha asked me to review this book I wasn’t expecting it to be such an in depth look at all the individual weeks and then to drill down in to the actual use of applications and services like how to use twitter and the great section on how to use guest blogging effectively. It was pleasantly surprising to get a real ‘meaty’ book to read.

I think that any blogger who is looking to get their new blog noticed and wants to get a jump start on traffic and ranking should seriously consider getting this.

Another good use would be if you have an existing blog and to use each of the challenge weeks as some fabulous ‘blog fodder’ for posting on to your own site. A real mine of information.

Don’t dither, just get it. If you’re a new blogger, this is a no brainer.

Well done Kiesha, a quality book that’s well worth the money. ~ Andy Bailey of ComLuv


You have an amazing traffic guide.  I especially liked your comprehensive approach to guest posting. I learned several simple things that will help me attract more guest posters with very little effort. One of the biggest problems people have is that they don’t know where to start. Your guide does a fantastic job of explaining exactly what you should do at each stage of your site’s development.  ~ Nick Stewart of NicksTrafficTricks.com


I have personally gone through this book and I’m so impressed with what’s inside.  Kiesha is result-driven. No stories! She takes you from one action through results to another action. Each week, you get applications and services that market and drive traffic to your blog. ~ Enstine of EMFastIncome.com

Sneak Peak: Table of Contents

Intro 1

Who should read this book and how to use it? 2

3 Winning Strategies 4

Winning Strategy #1:  Work as a Team 4

How to Build a Successful Team 5

Winning Strategy #2: Organize your efforts. 16

Winning Strategy #3:  Take Action 17

Week 1 Challenge:  Starting a Blog 24

Hosting & Domain Registry Pricing 26

What is Pinging and Why is it Important? 29

Tools to Manage and Schedule Tweets 33

Week 2 Challenge: Quality Content Generation 37

How many categories should a blog have? 38

Complete Guide to Easy SEO for Busy Bloggers 39

More Tips to Maximize Your SEO Efforts 43

Time to Take Action 46

Week 3 Challenge: Social Proof 47

How to Get the Most Out of Social Media 52

How to Get More Comments on Your Blog 54

How to get votes on Blog Engage 59

Week 5 Challenge: Newsletter Subscribers 60

How to get more subscribers 62

How to conduct a giveaway using RaffleCopter 63

Week 6 Challenge: Guest Posting, Links and Forums 65

Guest posting 66

Write Companion Posts 67

How to Find Places to Guest Post 68

Guest Posting Tips and a Script 70

Link Building 74

Tips for getting traffic from Forums 75

Week 7 Challenge: Insane Traffic Generation 77

Tips for getting traffic from various sources 77

Week 8 Challenge: Networking Blast 81

How to network with a celebrity/A-list blogger 82

Week 9: Promotion on Steroids. 84

How do you manage to do all of this? 84

Why Open Your Blog to Guest Posts? 86

How to Find Guest Posters 87

How to Create a Guest Posting Guidelines Page 88

Guest Post Submission Requirements 90

Week 10 Bonus Challenge: Newsletters & Monetization 94

Tips for Generating an Income 97

Various Ways to Make Money with your Blog 101

Beyond 10 Weeks  108

Send Me Your Results!  109


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