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10 Tips To Boost Gross Profit Margin With Mobile Promotions

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Global Mobile Promotions

The technology advancement in the cell phones industry that has iPhones, Newsmart phones, blackberry models, Google android phones, Samsung phones and Erikson phones etc, have created a fastest growing phenomenon as popular Mobile search.

It was announced in April 2011, that smartphone Market shares are on the rise.  It is expected that the world wide web smartphone market will grow by 49.2 in 2011, as both consumer and enterprise sector replace their feature phones for something a bit more advanced.  Though PC market is also growing because of the sales of tables all kind of e-readers and electronic books
but at a rate that is much less than mobile promotion.

Mobile search is growing four times faster than PC search.  Google has advanced search keyword tool for mobile search, different bots and algorithm for mobile search.  These bots evaluate your mobile search sites web performance as it is delivered to a mobile phone and one of  the web ranking tool used in this ranking is on how well are the pages delivered on a certain type of phone that submitted the search.  So depending on the phone at times there are different responses of the same search on different type of mobile phones.

If you look at the Google Analytics of the mobile search it clearly defines the type of phone used for each query and its results are different based on the evaluation that Google bots perform.

To improve your mobile SEO make sure that your mobile web pages load quickly on any mobile phone.  The mobile phone search bot and algorithm is not as superior as that of the PC yet.

Searching on a mobile is much different than searching on a PC.  It has limitations.  But now since mobile searches are still increasing on a faster rate, from business point of view it has become a requirement to encourage mobile searches.

  • It helps you improve your profits maximization
  • It helps you get most accurate information
  • it will even help you even more when mobile system has advanced to help you overcome limitations

SEO Tips to improve Mobile Search Strategies

1. Pay attention to mobile search websites

Mobile search sites are very similar to PC search sites and therefore as a search provider you do not need to create a separate site with its own hosting and domain name.  Use the same site as your PC search and add extra pages for mobile search.

2.  Smaller screen of the mobile

This  makes it entirely different presentation. Make sure that the pages you create for mobile search of your product and information fit most of the phone screens.  When searchers Scroll page  through the page for information has to be an smooth scroll for better mobile device SEO.  This can be achieved by using advance programming skills or by taking help from a mobile designer specialist.

3.  Smartphones keyboard

Mobile keyboard  is smaller than the size of your finger nails to find comfort in this situation is really hard.

  • So the pages have to be easy to use.
  • Minimize the need of typing and try using the mobile keyboard shortened word lists in your mobile promotions.
  • Search box should be easy to see. Mobile search user should be able to click easily to whatever you need to know about the search topic.

4.  Click to call function

Calling function has to be added to this mobile search page so it is easy to connect for further assistance or a purchase.

5.  Complete transaction method

Make sure it is easy to complete a transaction for a purchase, provide the phone functionality and complete transaction method.

* Clear instructions

* In the right order

* with easy to understand words for everybody are very important for the transaction method.

6.  Create  voice mail

An automatic system of sales, that can take care of the complete transaction immediately if needed by the searchers.

7.  Take care of bandwith issues

Now think of the bandwidth issues because of the size of the phones.  Speed to upload search pages is four times more important for mobile search.  Test your mobile search pages several times with a bandwidth calculator to make sure the speed on different phone networks so you may know exactly how is it going to effect your mobile SEO.  Put yourself in the shoes of  a searcher and see if the upload time is not making the searcher impatient to see the information that he/she is looking for.

8.  Size of the web page for mobile search

Mobile search pages will need some structural changes from the PC.  Page size should not exceed than 20 K. B.  You need to fit your primary document, images and style sheets with in this size for better search.  Pages bigger than this will create an up loading problem that will not help in the page rank of your site. Search and use a size of the page that may fit different phones.

9.  Make sure mobile pages have least references from other pages

One of the ways to control the speed of the page for mobile devices is to be careful about the stuff that you add to the page.  If you are not sure of the page that you created, you can check the size of the page at and upload sites with bandwith calculator.

10.  No pop Ups on your mobile pages

Make sure do not add any pop up to your mobile pages ever. Mobile search is not that advance yet like your PC monitor
Mobile search has its limitations because of the size of the mobile and because of the least attention it is getting by the search engines.
But creating a few extra pages for mobile search to get the attention of 56.9 million people is worth the effort.  Do not ignore it.  They are your customers to be, if you let them be.

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