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5 Email Marketing Tricks for WordPress You Didn’t Know About (No, This Is Not About Forms in Sidebars)


It’s funny that whenever a popular blogger gets asked something like, “If you were just getting started today, what would you do differently?” they almost always answer the exact same way … “I would start building an email list right from day one.”

And “an email list” isn’t just a cliche term used and preached upon by online marketers. When we think about it for a minute, it turns out that a list is the only online business asset that’s entirely ours.

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5 Best Practices for Optimizing a LinkedIn Business Page

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for businesses, especially B2B focused businesses, looking to increase exposure, gain brand awareness and increase sales. The fast-growing social networking site already includes 3 million company pages and 225 million members, making it one of the top business oriented websites in the world. Thirty-five percent of LinkedIn users use the network daily, primarily for business purposes. Because of the immense power for businesses to connect with other businesses and potential consumers, businesses must optimize profiles to maximize the visibility.

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Keeping Your Website and Mailing List Alive

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

Social media has become woven into our daily routine of getting the word out about our business, making it easier to reach our audience about news and events. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are the modern day grassroots word of mouth.

As an indie singer/songwriter, I’ve learned that online blogging is a great way to deliver your message to fans in a clear and concise manner. But with the ease of posting social network updates with a click of a button from our Smartphones, I think it’s easy for a lot of independent artists and businesses to get lazy and neglect two of the most important cornerstones of a company’s online promotional strategy: their official website and mailing list.

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