Impacts on Guest Blogging Strategy After MyBlogGuest

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On 19th March 2014, Google’s Matt Cutts, announced that the search engines would be penalizing a large guest blogging network on twitter. On the same tweet, he put up a link which redirects you to his blog about guest blogging. In the blog he provided some insight illustrated by an example of  spam mail he […]

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5 Intangibles Your Ecommerce Business Should Be Focusing On, But Isn’t


At any given time, there are thousands of small business entrepreneurs looking to create a meaningful presence on the web. As you read this, some traditional businesses are finding a new home online, some “purely online” ecommerce businesses are taking birth, and the mad rush for every website out there to go mobile is only […]

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WordPress Plugins to Boost Your Blog’s Usability


You want a blog that rocks – one that’s professional, pretty, user-friendly and doesn’t take eight thousand years to load its pages.  Well, the catch to plugins that simply boost your blog’s bling is that the more plugins you have, the slower your pages will load.  No matter how gorgeous the final result of loading […]

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Read This Before You Choose a Web Hosting Service

Image Credit - Stuart Webster

If you are serious about your website, you have to find a secure, fortified home for it. Similar to other web-related decisions, choosing a web hosting can be a challenge, especially in the light of the fact that there are hundreds of companies out there promising unlimited bandwidth, storage, domain names and super responsive, knowledgeable […]

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5 Ways to Inspire People with Your Blog

Content goes viral for a number of reasons, but evoking an emotional — and positive — reaction is one of them. The big three emotions that drive people to share a post, according to research, are anger, anxiety, or awe. But since positivity also has a role to play in making blog content go viral, […]

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These Must Be Holding You Back From Succeeding In Online Marketing

To run a healthy and successful business is not easy. It can be utterly frustrating, always emerging and time consuming, especially for those who have not tried to discern what holds them back from success. Unbelief In Your Investment One of the things that hold online marketers back is lack of belief in their own […]

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Passive Income vs. Active Income; Which is Better for You and Your Blog


Let me guess, you’d much rather make some money from your blog already. I know the struggle. For around a year I was just sitting around and wondering why my blog is not bringing in any (noticeable) income. Like most people, I was after passive income – the so-called holy grail of online monies. Well, […]

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4 Ways Build and Maintain Relationships with Other Bloggers

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It’s no secret that building relationships is the cornerstone of networking. For that reason, it’s imperative for website owners to curate such relationships with bloggers. These types of mutually beneficial relationships serve to boost your site’s traffic and visibility, two things that every website owner seeks. It’s not an easy task because, like all other […]

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